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Clarisse Provido-67

How She Came To Be

[a personal story of my early process]

At the age of 2, she started to grab art materials and would sit in the middle of a piece of Manila paper and draw to her heart’s content. She learned to first replicate a not-so perfect “Barbie” typography in script before she even knew how to read, and later on, challenged by all the pretty script letters, attempted to write script during her prep year during a test for the very first time (by the way, she failed the test because no teacher couldn’t understand her handwriting). Later as a child, was inspired by old to new piles of clothes in her mother’s boudoir, she learns to appreciate colors and clothing on their own and later became her mom’s fashion confidant if it was a yay or a nay. She had a penchant for the feeling of confidence whenever she wore her clothes and pushed her to draw female figures in imaginary dressed (sparkles included). During her early teen years experimented on embroidery, sewing, and scrapbooking journals (preferred to do embroidery vs. swim during the summer and got the math teacher baffled). She always kept the scraps and remnants of her travels and wild imagining shenanigans. The habit of drawing on people’s faces on the newspaper arose due to her affirmative, high boredom level during the early hours of the morning and started to do portraits, drew a lot of fan art, got emotional over so many eye-opening films, mixtapes, and pieces painting and shaping youth’s feelings that resonate with hers. She wrote songs and quotes that fill the cup up to the brim, until her thoughts were exhausted through her “Book of Songs”. She keeps a black book (on its 6th installment) wherever she goes and she already feels the world is in her hands. And the process that molds the artist continues…


Clarisse Provido is an advertising arts student, visual artist and a life/style blogger based in Manila, Philippines and New Jersey, U.S.A. She believes in the power of human interaction and the goal and motivation of creating something beautiful, worthwhile and inspiring to create a life of art.

She particularly describes her style in visual arts and in fashion to have special appreciation for the figures and confidence of women, botanicals and floral notes, and deeply rooted in fit to loose silhouettes, gold details and classics. In another light, she would describe herself as “experimental” in many ways, with a penchant for digital anthropology, business, inspiration, empowerment, and introspective musings on process and creativity.


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