How to: D.I.Y. Care Package Making + Join us for a Thanksgiving Gathering


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In simplicity and humanity we start — in simplicity and humanity we go back.

“In college I took a social psychology course, something I thought useful for a career in advertising. Psychologists tested the story of the Good Samaritan. What they learned gives us reason to pause.

The greatest determinant of who stopped to help the stranger in need was not compassion, morality, or religious creed. It was those who had the time. Makes me wonder if I have time to do good. Apparently, Angel does.” 

― Richard Paul Evans, Miles to Go

Its been weeks and even months since I’ve been thinking about me giving back to the people I see on the streets or even the people I’ve come across eyes with on a certain person.

The thought of respect for everyone, any stranger— in whatever situation or social class , and especially in souls who have might have lost something, might have hurt so much, might have loved deeply and is still loving deeply, might be healing and might be taking up all the courage they have and face the world with gratitude and hope for the world.

Through my experiences and references, even though they might not be grand— helping someone out, a stranger and with no agenda whatsoever is one of the most priceless thing I was able to do. 2017 has given me a lot of opportunities to opened my mind not only to my point of view of them, but also their own point of view of themselves and how a system (or the world) works.

Being able to immerse myself, in the past, has made me —  receive gifts of different kinds (it may be an intangible thought, feeling or insight )  and has enabled myself to offer other kinds of gifts — gifts like sharing knowledge, reaching out to people and harnessing the feeling gratefulness from the immersion. In abundance of   the gift of health, food, shelter, love and support from the people who stood by me always this year and constantly, it was always a good idea.

In this habit / idea, I would like to invite people to do the same — to even push the thought of gratefulness and love to action.

I’ve encountered a video on Facebook of a couple which prepared these boxes for homeless people or people in need in general, and I think it is a culture / habit we can start. For some reason, my timeline redirects and floods me with these inspirational videos that always remind me of my humanity — I remember crying for hours and after months and months of promising to make time and to think how I can go about this, its finally here <3.

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Now, I would like to ask your help in finding your own person to help or prepare at least one in case of need— you can start with one care package at home.

I would also like to invite you to join us on a date (which will be announced soon), for our Care package Making / Group Volunteering Gathering — by bringing items, packing them and sending them out to a group beneficiary (with a partner community I am contacting at the moment).

I will be hosting an afternoon of a thanksgiving late lunch / early dinner for volunteers.

To help out determining the feasibility and other factors to consider for the gathering, I would appreciate it so much if you would answer my survey for the upcoming gathering:

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I hope you can join me and close friends in this thanksgiving gathering!

Please feel free to reach me through e-mail at and / or and if you have suggestions and comments, let me hear it out!

I would appreciate it so much.

Love and light,