A Letter to Myself : 20 years of raw and real things


Dear self,

You’ve done a great job, well let’s say a wonderful job even.

I can’t stress how I am so proud of you for being strong, but at the same time vulnerable, for being at peace and at the same time being at war in some parts of you and for being firm with your ideals and your decisions, while being forgiving.

I was always thinking about you and what your attitude is— for your give all or nothing attitude. I didn’t exactly know why, but I had to look out for you in a certain light of fear or worry because I didn’t want you to get hurt or suffer so much since it can get nasty. But today, I believe I have to let go of those fears and worry so I can let you be you— as you are; without any negative pressure or unnecessary thoughts of you. I need to believe in you and what’s inside you— it is enough, it is what you need, all that you are, what you needed to be at the end, you had from the very beginning.

So here I am to remind you to STOP. To stop hesitating, to stop fearing and to stop hiding what you truly feel about something about the world and right now. Do not shy away from those feelings because they are valid. Acknowledge, let it go and hear what your heart and mind says, do it anyway.

If you ever feel down or ever tired, go back to this letter, rest and call it a day. We’ll do it better, stronger and braver for the rest of the days. We have a lot of dreams to catch and to make real — for the sole reason to create.

Continue to love people and humanity.

I love you.

Stay as you are.

Love, C.


Happiest of the birthdays to you, my dear.

20 years and counting.

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