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“Creativity is letting the mind be free and letting it play, experiment and learn which inspires productivity, which is the efficiency for work to be done, and helps me do things “that need to be done”

, but all still anchored on a meaningful reason— my mantra which all should aim to create something beautiful, inspiring and worthwhile. All the details — beautiful and even imperfect events is the greatest artwork I will offer to myself and for others. “

The exciting, but sometimes dreadful word of “to-do list” has eaten me alive many times since college came along, and for the past few months, I’ve been trying to embrace the pause button, the “no” word and practice of things to nurture my knowledge and curiosity like workshops, talks, trips and specifically “not obsessing on finishing everything”.

Starting this July, I started consistently writing on my journal, integrating new tool, apps and figuring out what works for me. For the last 2 months, I’d like to share the things I’ve been using and love at the moment:

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I’ve been a user of Headspace for about 2 years now and it has guided me through the basic meditation starter pack and different packs to ponder on like creativity, anxiety, relationships, change, restlessness and happiness. You can download it for a trial for the starter pack.

Why I love it: The app has helped me to have a time-out within the day and helps me refocus when I feel overwhelmed about my to-dos and other things, I simply tune out my thoughts and listen to my Headspace app. It also has different, custom meditation apps for SOS, eating, creativity, sports and other things we can all improve and ponder on. The list goes on forever, as for the aspects and packs we can improve on, and Headspace continues to create more packs along the way.

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Its my favorite thing I’ve acquired last month! It’s a step up on my fitness priorities and helps me keep moving on a hectic school schedule with everything else on the side.

On the mobile app of my Fitbit flex, I am able to track my water intake, my fitness goals, log my exercise, and track my active minutes, steps per day, kilometers per day, calorie intake per meal and calorie burn. It also has vibrating alarm on the Flex Watch type model I have. I bought the Flex, which is the most affordable model, but nonetheless, does the job.


Why I love it: It keep tracks of my movements and progress without me jotting every single thing. I get weekly reports that compare and contrast my last week if I am meeting my goals or not. It helps me give a glimpse on quantitative data to motivate me more— showing me I was really doing something or if I need to push myself more and be mindful of what I do.

BP Creativity and Productivity Tool-04.jpgI have been constantly writing on my planner since 2nd year High School, and now, my extensive and detailed list doesn’t fit my planner anymore. I have encountered Trello, a free task management app for the phone and the desktop, which made things more manageable for me. It easily updates my “TO DO”, “DOING” and “DONE” items with other additional features such as setting a deadline, checklists, subscribing other users, color coding cards on different BOARD which you can customize per specific topic or company / office / organisation you have in mind.

Why I love it: Everything easily syncs with the desktop and/or phone app for all members of the board, thus can be handy outside when I run errands. It also double checks my handy notebook for the constant and routinely activities I do not need to jot down daily.

Try the app and check it out on google play or the apple app store or

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Another handy notebook I have always thanked for being handy when I have ideas that are shooting from my head and daily reflections morning or night. I can’t stress how therapeutic it is to jot down stress, realisation and a conclusion to reframe and reaffirm each day’s challenging or great day. i usually start with the first few guide questions and write my way through the morning and add additional entries if I would like to add more insights.

I usually divide my journal-writing sessions into two: One in the morning when I wake up and one before I sleep. I start off with my morning session with the feeling I have at the moment and things and feelings I’m hopeful for and for the things, happenings and simple things that I thank for. At the end of the day, I like to “check-in” my feelings and thank for it, whatever I feel, tell a story  and a paragraph reframing my successes, failures and state what I look forward to for the next day. Last but not the least, tell myself, “I did my best today.”.

Why I love it: It creates a reframing mindset for each day. It might be a hard and challenging at first to be consistent with, but in time, the benefits of  calm in a routine has changed me and my momentum to create a positive outlook on every task, which I wish wil change yours as well.

Introspection through journal has a large impact to me ever since. Starting 5th grade, drawing and writing on scrapbooks and journals reflected my interest and curiosity in documenting things like dried leaves and any remnant of an activity, or just writing what I feel at the moment. Up until now, even though it has evolved and has paused in consistency several times, the spirit of introspection and my longing for peace of mind always find me in any stage of my creative process and daily musings on my routine. In the end of the pause and start of rewriting on my journal, comes faith in starting again.

Tip: If you have a regular sized notebook, you can split the page into lengthwise so itis not that intimidating to fill up. Us the whole page when you are more confident and more at ease in writing down your thoughts.


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An app I discovered through Girlboss blog, is Forest, an app where you can set minutes while growing a virtual tree and earning you virtual coins when you complete and try to focus in completing the minutes you set for growing your plants. Its addicting and also cute because I get to see my virtual garden – forest built from real life focus.

Why I love it: You can earn your way up to 2500 coins and you can plant a real tree, in cooperation with their chosen partner, Trees for the Future. The environmentalist in me screams in delight, pushing me closer to a goal I can contribute to.


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