Clarisse The Label

Today, I’d like to make a special announcement since I’m giving a sneak peek of my designs for Clarisse The Label, a clothing line of ready-to-wear and custom-made apparel.

It’s a brainchild of mine since my freshmen year of college, a possibility I’ve been daydreaming during sophomore year, and now it’s finally coming true and happening. My fashion elective from class has paved time for me to start this exploring technicalities of fashion for good, and I am just starting to rekindle my love for fashion that has been sitting still in my heart, and as inspired and by Arriane Serafico, an online teacher of creative entrepreneurs who propels on the idea of creating a business or purpose around your passion.

She stresses on the thought that its okay to be a multi-passionate individual and finally, just doing it ,and stop stating excuses and start giving time.

My focal point in my designs as of the moment: the idea of producing styles and cuts that are versatile not only for myself, but as well as others that relate to the style– of course worn, with different reinterpretations of you. Wearable day in and out in a heat without exerting much effort.

An answer for the need of something lightweight, versatile and is still stylish despite the heat under the tropical sun.


Clarisse The Label .jpg

Clarisse The Label .jpg


Kindly take the survey to help us envision a better way to design our pieces by answering our survey below:

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CLICK this LINK to access the survey–

Give us love and follow @clarissethelabel on Instagram for future updates and details!

This and more, all will evolve.

Watch this space for updates and release dates. Lastly, thank you to the people named in the clothing pieces for the constant support and love beyond my work.

Love, S.S.