Inspiration Lately

In the light of exploration and the unending rays of curiosity bursting in every photo, crack, and pavement I see, it again struck me to know more for interesting yet random, with no particular reason and no particular direction . At the back of the mind, I’ve always felt that I’ve been glued to my checklists and my to-do reminders, that got me aimlessly forgetting to leave some headspace for the things that matter: reflecting and doing nothing.

The reason why these 2 things I previously learned to make space for, continually knocks on my door, is because I think I have forgotten the novelty and pureness in an activity: the journals that have longed before been filled every morning and every night, has collected dust and same for my black books that were in every bag I brought out, sometimes would lose themselves in a familiar room.

In my mind, sometimes these knocks translate to fear and worrying that I might have not been doing what I am supposed to do or am doing since day 1 in the first place. Then there is me, here inside the four corners of my room trying to widen my horizon and translate the frustration as a push to things I was afraid to do before or things I haven’t done before.

My inspiration lately: observing people and communication, repurposing, upcycling and finding joy.

Coming back stronger. (a plate fart for plexus project + favorite song at the moment, props to Gelianne for this video)

In a nutshell, I just want to put this frustration and this process of continually outgrowing my shell and boundaries I think I have been creating myself in most of my experiences and worldview in general. Lately, I’ve been doing things I have once been interested in, or probably haven’t seen in a different perspective. One of my “aimless” projects that are intertwined with my responsibilities as a student of the academe and an informal student of anything and everything, is to create something out of trash or stuff lying around the house into something new, try new things I really don’t know of and/or find something random worth capturing  and conversing.

A recent project inspired by upcycling are braids out of decades worth of stockings from my formal wear and corporate attire practice from high school and ballet classes and snuck them on a bag. Also, played with this marionette that has been lounging in my shelves in a “sheer dress” I wish I had.



I’ve also found myself stretching my patience pounding and shaping clay at a recent clay pottery workshop with Mia Casal I have coincidentally have seen on the same week I intend to join one, if there was any [What a coincidence ]. I also had to push this to myself that I was doing this task under a 5-hour break amidst thesis preparation and with little to no fear, I proceeded.


Verdict: It took really strong but soft strokes on clay for it to properly mold of what you want it to be. Fear reflects onto your work if you get out of control and definitely, resilience is the key. Things take time.

The best part is the observation of people with me in that room and it is with much joy that I get to see people that are still making things just because. For me, no straight up, strict agenda and just doing a task for its pureness is refreshing. It is the same fresh vibe I feel while getting intimate with film and sharing these snaps from my day-to-day adventures and daily liveliness that stands on its own. Spontaneity has truly reflected my random experimentation and use of film camera, passed between me and my friends.

It has been a surprise after x months to find out the developed shots’ charm and surprisingly, some of the pictures I have forgotten about.

Another favorite mention from a friend, Vaporwave via Saint Pepsi into this song, Private Caller. You’re welcome.

In the end of this post, exploration never really ends. Each and every thought comes, goes and evolves. [P.S.: Thank you body for enduring pressure, stress and time]

How about you?

What makes your heart beat at the moment?

S.S., signing out.


In other news, I would like to invite you to my first ever fair coming June 3 and 4 as “Love at Second Hand” for Eden and June‘s Finders Keepers Creative Flea Market as I sell my old wardrobe, books, things, artworks and prints and will be dropping items from my new personal project, Clarisse The Label clothing (which I will be working on for the next few months). I’m nervous and excited with other mixed feelings coming together!

See you.

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