Love at Second Hand

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” Tidying never lies.”-Marie Kondo

I have known this saying to be true for the earliest years of my life where I was 12 and realized I had so many things under my bed and on my desk that I frequently lost things and have forgotten of the things I had in the first place. It was something so fascinating to me that I have thought of it when I was still a child, I did tidy up but never succeeded in discarding my sentimental and junk anyway. I invited my old friends from those times to help me tidy, but they were just all thinking of me as a weird child who wanted to fix all my things and choose it over play.

Indeed that tidying never lies.

Beneath the non-tidying, I’ll-do-it-tomorrow mantra, all the items I could have needed, I was a child who was inflicted with “consumerism”, my dad would always tease me of, “hoarding” from what my brother always mentioned and how my room would be the first one on lit on fire and burn the house down.

I have only confronted this excessive and compulsive shopping habits for weird, unnecessary and easily disposable and dispensable items that I owned and usually wear in my early teens because it has continually stressed the selective compulsive person in  me.

I knew I had to get around with my items and make my life a little bit more easier and a bit more curated to make sure I was spending my times on the things I really wanted and cared for.

Taking to account the tidying process, I came across different moments and milestones in my life that have been part of a certain dress or a certain item that was given to me as a gift or reminded by a letter of a very embarrassing phase in my life. And only to realize the potential mostly of the clothes, shoes and books I owned to be part of someone else’s journey, thinking…

‘Maybe this book could have changed his/her life in a way..”or maybe “Maybe someone felt more beautiful in this dressed I realized I never really liked.”

With that in mind, I started finding people who were willing to adopt my items and now converting my online thrift into a diary of thoughts on clothing. This is when “Love at Second Hand” concept was born. I wanted to use old clothing my mom and I don’t use  anymore for a concept shoot on nostalgic change of clothing, changing of seasons (props to Future Islands to this) and going back to appreciate the existing and old. New ideas have sprung in my mind in light of this project I have started the first month of this year and consciously and selectively caring for my existing clothes and choosing and keeping only what I truly love has made my choices easier, while giving my other items to bring as much joy as it would for another soulmate.

Here is to a never ending cycle of love and finding things, memories that spark the most joy.

Here is my shoot with my muse, Aija:


Aijalonica-8Aijalonica-2Aijalonica-1Aijalonica-4 copy

Here is a short bts of the shoot:


In other news, I have been notified a few weeks ago that I am now a Girl Gaze Ambassador!

GG ambassador.png

I was surprised and happy to see this in my email. I’ve been following Girl Gaze for a long time and love that they highlight women empowerment through stories and photographs. I am not a professional photographer, but a mere audience of photographs and a person who takes snapshots from day to day. I guess the importance and value of every photo and story is relative. But overall, the most important is constantly creating and reflecting, no matter what value or reason to satisfy the thirst for knowing about things and fighting for ideas. I hope this can become another good avenue as an artists like me.

To changing seasons.

Love and light,


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