Inspiration Lately

Old school nostalgia will always have its own charm.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with immersing myself with things that bring a curiosity– a familiar and a not so familiar one. Both of which brings a new feeling to the senses and the mind. My travels– which consists of Chinese noodle soups, Hong Kong egg tarts, lemon cakes, pulled pork siopaos, film photography, trying out something new, 20-peso Beef Pares and bargaining for preloved novelty items are one for the books.

My two comrades have gone so far with me (of course, I was the one who insisted to go and  I was asking for help me to get there, with them,  haha).

 My university and the rest of where I usually am is located in Manila and me and my family and  have been always stocked up on food from Sunday Brunch and excessively go around malls. Unbelievably a first, I got to go around more places (which are not malls) by commute and foot versus the years that have passed me by , my childhood,  through a car with a usual route from point A to B. Manila has been a part of my daily commute and route to and fro school and home and I’ve been here for the past years travelling good 1-2 hours everyday. Now, in my college days, one thing that was always a challenge to myself to balance myself out between my work (and the stress that comes with it) and exploring new things about myself and find new interests to inspire my future art embryos.

I’ve been inspired lately by the few weeks that has gone beautifully for me since the start of the new year. I would want to share some of the photos of my adventures in between breaks and classes. As raw as they are, and as normal as they seem to be, they contain stories that I will forever remember in my mental tv (that rhymed so well, don’t you think?).

Old Manila and its wonders

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Escolta, Hildago, Intramuros, Quiapo and the outskirts of Manila have been on of the few target spaces and areas to roam. I’ve explored the golden age food menus items that have a local cult following or have been a go-to place for so many years of its tried-and-tested and acclaimed great taste for food. It wasn’t the usual sit-down dining I have when I’m with my family and most of my friends whom I meet intentionally for a certain amount of time and on a certain date at a certain place.

Cheap thrills and the bang-for-you-buck is the best description for most of the food I have tried. Thank you Manila and other few places, you are crazy and beautiful.

Botanical Book Unearthing



Since 2 years ago when I started of with the frustration of reviving my love for analog scrapbooking (which I did tinker on since grade 2 in elementary), I went for a ride to rekindle a love that never really left me—- My love for coloring, cutting and pasting things together.

This goes back far to my excessive hoarding (which now I rarely do now), and try to pick up the pieces I really love. I’ve dropped by a few favorite stores like Booksale and found these beauties. I found a Mary Ford’s Cake Icing Guide for letters and a National Geographic Flora Encyclopedia that included vintage illustrations together with text containing history, botany science and other more details that now have deepen my appreciation for blooms. More thrift stores and old bookshoppes have secretly stored these jems, now what I call mine to keep.

Thrift Shopping and Capsule Wardrobes

IMG_1772.JPGI’ve been researching on the pros and cons of my current wardrobe, while trying to reduce my items to the minimum to let out the fuss and extra time thinking about and going through my excessive number of clothes that do not fit my activities anymore. Its the feeling of freedom and nostalgic funny moments going through my clothes. I remember all the milestones and moments spent with them– it a sad that I’m letting them go, but happy to have made their life span of good use to people who are willing to adopt them and be part of new adventures. Check out what babies are up for adoption at my Instagram.

So far, my wardrobe items are less than 50 and thanks to the beautiful and inspiring blog of Anuschka Rees who is giving a free worksheet that I am currently using to fix not only my wardrobe, but obtaining key points for fixing my materials and book stash. Also, I read a lovely book on tidying up “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo which points out the joy tidying brings when you store your items lovingly and is part of a visual candystore you can  manage to put up for you to enjoy your things much more + giving thanks and gratitude to its resilience for sustaining its purpose. The most important compounded lesson I’ve learned:

The basic principle is, if you haven’t used it for 6 months and it does not bring your joy, sell, give away or throw. If you honestly won’t read it, in any chance, I’ll gift or sell to make way for future books and for more people to appreciate it.

Personally, I realized I was owning items that were constantly bringing me the feeling of attachment that I really don’t need– now, I am letting go slowly.

To use it, it to be functional and to serve its purpose is the goal and the most important part.

Now, I’m on the look out for more thrift stores and one of a kind pieces that I really am looking for— buying things with more intention, for the need of it and having a loving and meticulous eye for each item everytime.

Hope everyone is wiggling their own way towards something that will fuel creativity and joy.

Love and light,



Extra! Extra!

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A collaboration lately with Jeline Catt of Sartorialust dot net on Chinese New Year. I figured it was the perfect way to put the current bloom and floral situation invading my books and mind.

See the full set by clicking this link I you haven’t seen it yet.

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