Outfit Diaries: Urban Crisp and Clean

Of new things, experiences, and sights. From transition to conditioning, I’ve been more immersed as ever. The juxtaposition of 2 cultures and 2 countries, I’m finally back to my country where my heart is.

New York and New Jersey has been a beautiful experience for the 3rd time. New sites and taste has built the one of the most richest melting pot of creatives in the world. In awe of the artist, seeing new places and experiencing a neighbourhood is always an exciting feat. Diversity and art are present in every corner; only to be presented at its finest; a hopeful constant in the city of apple.



In contrast to that feeling, my heart also yearns for where it is planted, my home. After the transition and conditioning, I’ve been awakened at some time. My home and the places all have their own charm. Under that spell, reimagining things and ideas that kept me unsettled by the other by writing and jumping one project to the other— being in a state of high spirits. My heart simply is full, and asking where do I begin? What do I continue?

The question is still unanswered.

The home is where the heart is: a narrative of removing slippers to feel comfortable to pandesal dipping coffee habit– almost a daily therapy to say “I’ve woken up, it going to be a great day.”. The irreplaceable disposition often sets me up on fire, sometimes taking this culture, this country, sometimes my situation for granted. Currently, I’ve been focused on orienting myself to the roots of this country— not by the books but by experience. The existence of this drive propels me to continue what I am doing, what I am thinking, to keep a balance of my ever confused, ever insane mind that keeps on moving, feeling and doing.

The contrast of two concrete jungles: My home and my second one, continues to  inspire me to explore more raw, natural places and rural areas to rekindle beginnings and elements that inspire my art since day 1. Forever, these blooms, textures and stories will grow on me. Thank you to the shore for letting my tresses blend in and the post work glow even after sundown. Thank you to the cold nights that attract the fireflies.

Here’s a little 3 am highlight video of my summer and other adventures:

Love and light.

S.S., signing out.