Glossier Phase 1 Review / Giveaway + Lazy Girl Guide to Beauty

In this post, I’ll be sharing my opinions on the Glossier Phase 1 set + will be sharing my skin care routine and sharing some acne face-mapping fascination and thoughts that will hopefully let me know what to work with during severe breakouts. Also, I suggest that you go and stay up until the end of this post to join my first ever giveaway on my new favorite the Glossier Haloscope!

Before we delve into the review, let me tell you how I found makeup brand, Glossier :I’ve been following Into The Gloss blog for their beauty tips, tricks, etc. and everything in between. I especially love them for their Instagram account featuring eye candy, beauty junkie shelves from all across the world with different brands that I can try for myself. Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO of the blog and brand Glossier, has worked with MAC’s still anonymous former director of product development and has come up with the lines that introduced skin care and now extends to makeup essentials that live up to the slogan “Skin first. Make Up second. Smile Always.“.



1.) Priming Moisturizer– The buildable, easily absorbed priming moisturizer with gel-like consistency is what I use if I don’t use my Philosophy Moisturizer with SPF of night/day vanishing cream from LUSH. It is not that sticky, based on my own preference, and would be a perfect match for the light perfecting tint when I don’t want anything heavy or medium on my face. Also, figured it wasn’t leaving white residue after applying which is a plus.

Suitable for Philippine weather? Yes. I don’t find the product as heavy or restrictive to other layers of whatever I will be deciding to put on my face, considering extreme humid days in majority of the days in the Philippines. So far, so good, I decided this priming moisturizer will be one of the mainstays for my arsenal of to-go products since I’ve been a big fan of Glossier dewy look, of runway plump and of fresh goodness. I’m keeping this for the shoots + alternate for my favorites.

2.) Milky Jelly Cleanser– This is what I use after the day before going to sleep, on the days I decide not put any makeup on. I’d like to classify as a mild cleanser for my case- close to Cetaphil Daily Cleanser consistency (cloudy white), and great for removing eye makeup since it doesn’t hurt my eyes. I’d still like to use exfoliating scrubs / heavy cleanser creams / medicated cleanser when I remove makeup on majority of my face except my eyes when I have my breakouts instead.

Suitable for Philippine weather? It depends on your skin type. As for this cleanser, it should be suitable for any weather, still largely relying on skin condition/type.

3.) Balm Dotcom– I love Balm Dotcom on the lips and parts where my face get a little bit more drier (crease on the sides of the nose and  the freshly shaved eyebrow area), on my nail cuticles, elbows, and ankles. I do use a very small amount (1 dime width and height/ 25 centavos size for each area). I find the consistency too thick or too greasy for an all-face moisturizing product, and would prefer it for drier than the usual areas. The consistency of the Balm is almost the same with petroleum jelly.

Suitable for Philippine weather? Yes. It will be suitable for the  usually humid days, as mentioned again, for drier-than-the-usual areas, but it also depends on your personal preference (Like some want to leave on more than the usual at night when air conditioned temperature is bearable for thicker consistencies).

4.) Perfecting Skin Tint– The tint was okay for me since I’ve always wanted something light, but for me, the perfecting skin tint was too light/sheer, and it only served as a corrector of minimal redness and some color on some parts of the face (specifically under the eyes and under the chin with purple to light brown tones because of acne marks).  It has a watery consistency, close to the MAC Face and Body Foundation  which of course was a dead giveaway that they probably have the same director for developing those 2 products. The lightness of the pigment was close to a  L’Oreal Tru Match Lumi in N2 cushion minus the coverage.

I paired mine with a buildable CC cream or tinted moisturizer to get the consistency I wanted. If I wanted something more bare, just correcting the parts where I needed it, I would go for it for the to-go lazy product.

Suitable for Philippine Weather? Yes. I would prefer this for a pressed powder that gets either gets too greasy / cakes because of sweat or activates my nasal allergies. But like I said, it won’t suffice if I would want a noticeable difference and no-mid coverage.

I have used mentioned products mention for a trial of 2 and a half months on an everyday basis with alterations and adjustments to my preference depending on the weather.

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Skin Routine on regular basis a.k.a The Lazy Girl Guide to Beauty

1.) Wash my face with cleanser (depends if I have acne breakout or regular wash) + pinch my cheeks a bit + Sara Happ lip scrub after getting lips damp. I use warm water on my face to open up pores.

2.) I use the vanishing cream from LUSH which has a relaxing lavender smell sparingly on cheeks, forehead and chin. I like to chill my LUSH vanishing cream in the fridge (but only for a few minutes since it easily freezes and creates lumps).

3.) I put on eye cream from Benefit. Based from my observation, my eyes feel less tired and stretched (I hate that stretched and dry feeling). I’ve been using this for 6 months, and so far so good vs. Burt Bees Eye Cream which eventually left some small marks on my under eye area.

4.) The new Glossier Haloscope is my new favorite dew vs. Benefit High Beam for everyday wear (I prefer High Beam for occasions since it is more on the glitter vs. dew that I’ve always been on the lookout for).

5.)  The Vaseline Lip Care Line with Rose tint is a steal since it was only for 2 dollars/ Approximately 94 Php (I can compare it to Balm Dotcom for the lips with tint) which was a random find in a supermarket.

6.) I swish the eyebrow wand of Glossier’s boy brow sparingly on my eyebrows (since I already have dark and thick eyebrows) just to keep the strands it in place.

Super stripped down


Step one, skip everything else and go on to step 5 and good to go.

And usually, after all those, I look I’m okay with the effort I put unto my face because I need at least a little care of moisturizing to keep anything at bay and not look as tired as I seem to be, also giving back to my skin that sometimes suffers from my irresponsible shortcomings on my habits (that I am unlearning this 2016) with the thought of taking of myself more.


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Newest Fascination of mine: Acne Face Mapping

While I’ve been a person who has been prone to a lot of breakouts way back high school, now reduced I guess to a 50 percent chance of getting breakouts onto my college days. I was always still baffled why they appear and reappear. More often than not, they also visit on the most unwanted days of events and whatever is up. After trying ProActive, which after finishing 2 sets of 30-days back at my early 2 years in high school, already gave me an immunity to the prescription on my 3rd set, led me to use even more stinging pharmacy quality from Belo which seemed to dry up my natural oils on my face and now, trying out milder cleansers and vegan products from the likes of LUSH to SOS, emergency kits (I’m currently trying to zap new zits using the new Neutrogena Rapid Clear cleanser and spot treatment) and not bad because my 13-14 piece inflammed zits were reduced down  to  3 in 2 days which is actually impressive, up to date still figuring out my face on my own with the help of the internet and annual to quarterly derma visits.

Since I’ve been searching on random things (one of them are pimples), I’ve come across and have seen a lot of YouTube videos and blog posts on this Chinese medicine and dermatology experts’ way of determining the main source of your acne, based on the certain areas it has been appearing.

What are your thoughts on this?

I guess I’d have to agree by 50 percent that health heavily is influenced by the kind of lifestyle, but I guess for my case, for the other 50 percent, it’s for me to find out *grins*.


If you see the slightly yellow dew on my inner lids, cupids bow (the center space just above the upper lip) and on the inverted c (cheekbone area), it’s the new Glossier Haloscope in Topaz, if you cannot see it at all, that would be an even greater feat.

As you can see, I have acne breakouts going on in the video, and that is when I scrape the heavy makeup and prefer the bare to the bones step 1 and 5.



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At the moment, enjoying the sun, beach, and some self-exploration of thoughts and new experiences here in New Jersey and New York City. There are a lot of things appearing and ideas floating in my head that seems as fast as a whirlwind— appearing before my eyes, in a flash. I’ve been also stepping my feet into planning passion projects that I am yet to share with everyone.

Love, Light ,and Glossier,

S.S., signing out.

Own photos and edits are used except for the closeup photo for the Glossier Milky Jelly Campaign by Romain Duquesne and Face-mapping chart from The Fashion Spot.