In Transit x Beyond Four Walls Mixtape

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Lately, here is my photo diary of my travels for the last 6 months. Trying to keep up with my theme for the year: In Transit.

Few things I got to try for the very first time: Hiking , swimming in fresh water, got my new shoes soaked and worn out (without care given), getting a painful sunburn that turned out to be a nice tan that I love, going to museums with my parents, surviving a 5.2 magnitude earthquake while getting myself up to jump over the bed next to mine, and my favourite, which was going to a beach and staying there, contemplating, reading, making love with my art, in my own company.

There is definitely much more to the physical things that I’ve encountered and experience. It was the disconnection from routine. I find it very important to refresh my daily musings, mixed with new textures, views, tastes and conversations with strangers. 


a lovely mess - poster 1

In another light, I would also like to invite everyone to check out A Lovely Mess: An online collage art exhibit, which I contributed collage art to, together with other artists. This online art school names “Open Art School” has taught me how to jumpstart on my digital collage. Our mentor and inspiration-provider, Sofia Cope, definitely did a very great job on her tutorials and her inspirational boosting content over at Stay Super.

This online exhibit will only run up until July 14, 2016. So I definitely hope you’ll do yourself a favour, visit Sofia’s site and our online gallery and serve up some good, real and raw ideas, thoughts and imagery.


Hoping for the best and for the perfect/imperfect days full of love and moments for the 2nd half of 2016.

Where is your mind and heart headed today?

 Love and light.

S.S., signing out.