Outfit Diaries: Sky Light White

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From the dust, comes something new.

One thing is for sure: I love dressing up, but buying clothes all the time wasn’t exactly the practical choice, or even a choice to begin with. Its like getting yourself stuck in a kitchen situation when you are left to make do with the ingredients on hand.

Leftovers doesn’t always mean bad. Sometimes, it can do you good.

(I don’t even know how I got here: from my clothes- to the kitchen analogy)

From one of my first few blog posts of the year, I decided to buy more essentials and basics to make my outfits put together- easily. Also, selecting them with intent in the first place makes them oldies in the near future, but goodies. I guess I’m still up to that To be honest, I am very much particular about comfort and style balancing each other and reminding myself,

“My clothes shouldn’t eat me up, or come as if the clothes are on me, rather than me wearing the clothes.”

it was an outfit checker every time. I also always asked myself if I was 100 percent confident on what I wore.

Feeling good about  yourself probably made the outfit 90 percent “the outfit” and the 10 percent being the “I don’t care about stigmas or what other people think.”. As a whole, makes an outfit, 100 percent suitable and lovely for your mood and personality.

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Hope that everyone continues to rest, hustle, slay, repeat. Be you, do you.


(Outfit for Teatro Tomasino’s Gabi ng Parangal, White Out)

Thank you for the old clothes, Mom. It’s an adventure looking for new mashups.

Love and light.

S.S., signing out.

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