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     From wardrobe mishaps with my mom in her cramped boudoir loaded with every single fashion item possible that spelled “M-O-M”, to my never-ending haul shared with her and now, veering away from my usual teenage-phase, now transitioning to my own fashion choices, infused with my mom’s love for relaxed silhouettes and floral obsession I’ve inherited…here we are. 

I’ve started to follow my heart with my choices, following what I was attracted to, adding or subtracting traces of trends, keeping the classics. At some instances, allowing myself to try new things. I loved keeping it simple, sometimes, complicated. Also, I made sure to consistently to wear what I was 100 percent confident in (if not the most comfortable, haha). I was slowly, but surely, building up what “Women Stylized”meant inside of me. It wasn’t always celebrated in the name of vain, but also celebrated in the name of self-discovery. It  was a concept of women wearing and creating their own identity trough clothing.

  In my upbringing, exploration of endless magazines, that were articles included in my arsenal of prized possessions, to each stroke in every image, something has definitely been consistent: I have acquired a penchant for everything that adorns and brings out the beauty in the women silhouette. I have always loved playing with patterns and ideas in what they wore. I always have admired women who wore their outfits with confidence, laughing, socializing, in the covers of magazines, in old pictures, illustrated imagery and even in the comfort of their home. The images brought by the 150-peso wonder built my dream image of style brought into life by an army of women, ever so fierce and carefree.

     There has been a very consistent theme in majority of my work from the past few years and has left me fascinated more and more to experiment, that would be drawing the female figure and designing around their beauty.

Now, with a few friends and collaborations, I’ve come to be more interested in capturing their beauty in a different medium, delve deeper in the world of capturing time and light. Here is a short clip I’ve whipped up for a project:

With this, I’m very much looking forward to work on my craft, work with like-minded individuals with empowering minds. I’d like to give my special thanks to Danica Lukban, a good friend that has been a very important piece of this blog and to my lovely models, Arcy Cruz, Rica Rosales and Selina Whoo Bang.


As a side note, I’ve been (again) getting points of reflection from different interactions I had over the past 2 weeks, remembering catcalling, labelling women as “inferior” to men and all norm-related thoughts. My simple response was, “It really doesn’t matter whether if I’m female or male. It is none of your business.”, a backlash to label that did not only affect me, but was contributing to the over saturated idea of stereotypes. To be honest, these “norms”scare me more often since they come from very simple conversations and sometimes, the shortest statements.

I’d be very much delighted to be a part of this millennial era that everyone tries to shatter the “standards” and “images” of conventional hierarchy in gender and/or sex. It is definitely the time to celebrate not only women, but as well the diversity of everyone that drives us well enough to know our unique differences. Wear what you want, love whom you choose to and create yourself to the ideal image of yourself, without asking for external validation.

I would like to end with this quote:

“Continue to be unapologetically yourself in many ways. Do not let others dictate your decisions and your identity.”

Taking a dip into this new medium, and continually creating myself.

What is your style? What do you represent?

Love and light.

S.S., signing out.

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