18: Pintura’t Pintig

Layout11dd8Majority of my life details, moments and significant conversations mostly started with a topic that was artistically inclined, a question on a specific detail and passion projects.

On my 18th year, life has brought unexpected, familiar and even neutral tones to my existing palette. The expanding set of colors has brought me to meet different people and enrich the experience of anything in any place.

I’ve realized a lot of things in a wide spectrum, may it be the most common habits to my wildest thinking in shotgun typing:

1. I probably loved flowers too much I just literally placed a detail that reminded me of flowers, somewhere and everywhere. 2. I  have to have a greater understanding for the people around me and learn their ways. 3. I live for human experiences, interactions and crave for them every single moment. 4. I crave for independence and freedom to travel. 5. I have excessive worrying I need to remove from my system. 6. I have been writing ever since and I should write more. 7. Take less time online and think sometimes its okay to forget to take pictures of things. 8. Remind myself that its okay to take some things under the pending folder 9. If its unimportant, just release and make more time for the things that matter 10. Spend less on clothing, spend more on travels, essentials, art materials and more art materials (which is probably a bad idea for my savings).11. Do not live from the past.12. believe you can do greater and more beautiful things. 13. Don’t forget to trim your plants and water them before the sun rises.14. 4 am dances for tunes are what I live for.15. Pre-sunburn itch is not so nice, but tanlines are okay.15. It is okay to go bare. 16. The world will not conspire against you. You are the only one who does. 17. Say sorry and be sorry. 18. Thank you for everything.




I’d like to call this a never ending metamorphosis for my being. I’ll learn to live and play the many roles and learn the different beauty in what I see. I’m excited to see my future adventures, highs and lows, independence, experimental endeavours, daredevil stunts (I wish I can do at some point), beautiful souls I would meet, creating something that will make this world better, brighter and speak and filled with goodness.


“Pintura (n.) 1. Paint 2. Painting (art, work of art)

Pintig (n.) 1. Heartbeat”

And so continually, she paints and creates herself in a canvas. The technique of overlayering would suggest impasto. It was imperfect and masking colors, overlapping, creating dimension in space. This imeasurable joy and radiance was not only seen, but felt, even by the blind.

S.S., signing out.

Layouts and Editing by yours truly

Photography by Shutterpanda

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