Anatomy of a Lover: Sediments from Work

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Inside of us is a persona waiting to be awakened; a lover who seeks happiness in the presence of himself, with contentment willing to be shared to the world as it grows inside him, slowly changing what was once non-existent.

Along with my work for my organization, I was able to allot time for these musings on my personal side of projects. I’ve been always been amused with the idea of a lover. A lover not only of another human being, but of ideas or some sort of entity that drives his mind mad with passion. In one way or another, I understood it and have culminated it in a certain process: Describing an Anatomy.

The human body speaks for itself for its physiology, but I wanted to stress on the intangible wonders it can do to the soul and in a learning process. For my own, I am a lover of concepts and ideas. To begin with, it all started with a correlation between my environment and my mind, in harmony. From there, a force of grace and desperation pushes me to write about it, to make it something tangible. The love for the idea doesn’t stop in making it tangible. In the post-creation process, sharing and self-reflection of progress and understanding is the most valuable part. The questions “Did it do your soul good?“, “Do you think it makes the world a better, a bearable place?” and “Did you express your way of thinking that it makes you happy?” would always pop inside my head. If I without hesitation I answered “Yes” to all of these, then I could say, I was a lover and will always be. Below are the collages I would want to share that contain the parts of myself that I hold dear– the parts (in symbolism) which have made conversations, interactions and immersion meaningful.



Humans have limbs, and at the end of those limbs are hands. Hands are used as tools, a weapon and an extension of the body that is most expressive of all. Hands are important to heal and to hold the dying, to hold the weak, to comfort the naked, to soothe and to resist. They pose a beautiful grasping motion, from the primitive practices, until this age that it has been a tool to create technological wonders, art, performances, now, as we speak, to be at the moment and feel and heal.



The part of the human body that is an open microphone which transcends the message to the recipient’s mind and heart. Ears serve as a open portal for understanding, without the neccessity of adding anything more to what was heard and said. The openness of the ears were enough, and in that moment, a person was heard and was changed, lessened of his burdens.



The wandering extension of the human body which enables himself to travel and to get lost and get back on track again. The foot, step by step, leaves a trail, a mark. Ever callous, an unfelt texture by the person, bound by skin’s ability to feel whatever is to be set foot upon. The tales of distance can only be felt through a touch of another.



An eye for an eye in a duel. An eye open and the other closed for focus. Blinking eyes are meant to be, if not, they’d dry out and be restless. These pair (or just one) presents a visual representation of everything. A deeper purpose for these are showing the “physically unpleasant” in the eyes of majority, to practice and refocus on their insides and their substance, disregarding anything and everything they show in the outside. What makes a whole lot of difference is the purpose of eyes does not necessarily come in having a pair, but also in closing them. Closing the eyes not blindly, but in openness.



A mouth of a human person that has sparked communication, and through the diverse languages, comes diversity in meaning and in culture. The mouth is able to express when actions might not be sufficient. The mouth is able to affirm even after what was done. Most importantly, the mouth is able to share to another individual what needs to be clarifies, repeated or expressed.



The power of the mind to process the mixed and complex emotions, thoughts, information and ideas is overwhelming. What makes it great is that it keep us on track of what we want to attain. At some points, it may be an obscure, cloudy thought bubble, but at the end of a phase or an ordeal will come clarity. This is the center or the “true heart” of the anatomy. It is  where we think though our emotions and external force we recieve, on how it should be percieved. A beautiful and a healthy mind does not neccessarily need to experience greatness and goodness in its molding process, all it needs is persistence to practice itself to be kind to its body and to the world.



The heart is usually perceived as a contrary entity of the mind, at the end letting everyone choose between heart and mind. In reality, it serves to pump blood through the veins of our body to be able to sustain our biological and physiological needs.  It is vital for breathing, but not necessarily for feeling.When everybody is looking and finding pride in stealing your heart, remember that they may be unaware where the true feelings and process is. When everybody is after the heart, who is after the mind?


Tidbit from the play:



The most astonishing thing is that we are able to do all of these things, despite the loss of some other parts. The parts in physical absence does not present a lesser fact of ourselves or disables us to these wonderful things, but challenges us to do it anyway. This overdue project post was definitely one of a kind and a keeper. The script and the concept was definitely in harmony with one of my musings.

Between all of the jagged, unclean cuts and overlapping images, a picture of the world is created, through an anatomy of a lover.

Anatomy. Lover of all Things. Curiosity. Forever.

S.S., signing out.