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“She’s really nice, a teen queen,A fashion enthusiast. She wears anything she likes.”

On this post, I’d like to share a journal x academic project teaser and introductory ad that is close to my heart (and fate, because I always get across a Marc Jacobs ad). Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of my favourite brands to begin with, so there is no question, with a stack of monthly fashion magazines, I was always accustomed to see 1 or 2 ads of the brand every or every other month. I was always looking at how beautiful the set-ups were in editorials and ads, and way back, I would always reference them as one of my inspirations when I would draw or come up with sketches in grade school and in high school.

I remember I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) buy these things until I finally had the chance to buy  them for occasions, events or get them as gifts. In general, my resounding thoughts on ill designer prices (which I would have to accept) for a student like me, I would always appear and reappear. An all-out splurge would be definitely out of my money’s league, but more importantly, considered as an impulse. Now finally, of age, I now have a grasp of what makes the style attractive to my taste; injecting the key points while mixing timeless classics and inspired alternatives.

Raw, edited and behind the scenes:

For this instance, I always admired fashion editorials and would always be in awe every after flashing of the striking advocacy campaign or aesthetic that I envision myself to love and wear at the same time. This idea came to me by applying wordplay on the first name of the designer, “Marc”, I chose this concept to compliment the existing ads from the past, yet offer natural curves and handwritten elements that the brand doesn’t usually apply on their promotional materials. Combining and complimenting existing pieces from my wardrobe, together with my favourite pieces from Marc by Marc Jacobs had my stomach filled with butterflies screaming editorial love.


“Make a Marc” is one of the trademarks of process in mix and matching your wardrobe pieces to fabricate a look and/or a theme.  The phases are divided into three, interchangeable steps to “Make a Marc” or leave a fashion statement/impression.


The first phase is finding the right accessory or the focal point. It is one of the  things to focus to in an outfit, especially if its set for a shoot or an event.


The second phase would be choosing your signature scent. This is one of the mood and game changers of the night/day that compliments, by the experience of smell.I t is how the look is imagined to be by the person wearing the scent.

3F copy copy

The third phase would be completing the whole outfit, with pieces that you’d compliment with your focal point and mood.

IntroAd copy copy

The final phase would be completing a whole outfit composed of your unique choices, individualism and your own Mar(k)c.

Working with a Team


Lately, I’ve been craving for something collaborative between the people around me. It’s always a pleasure for me to experiment and learn from different people. I now have a better sense of the word “team”. I think it all boils down to jotting one of the many aspects in life that one must focus on: Personal interaction. *jots it down on my notebook*.

As for experimentations, I’m not much accustomed to taking pictures or taking photography in this type of format. With this experience, I can hopefully do these with more practice, for the love of capturing ideas and another thing I really, really would want to do this year: Travel.

I’m very thankful for my model, Rica Rosales, with this collaboration with Danica Lukban bringing this idea to life. It’s a really big deal for me since this is the very first time I got to try this. We endured the last minute changes, touchups and improvisations under 3 days.

For these ideas and many more to come.

S.S., signing out.

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