Outfit Diaries: Transitions and Conditioning


The start of the year was the end of my comfort zone. The longing for familiarity and rhythm is sinking in for the past few weeks. Sudden changes and choices must be decided upon entering phase 1. The trip on the 2nd day after the festivities was just in time for reflection and detachment from my daily routine to think about the things I want to change. Contrary to what I usually go for, I defied my usual sentiment for all things, and for once, I would like to embrace solitude.

Blog1There are changes in outlooks, seasons, priorities and process. We need to be kind, a mindset for ourselves in these times of transition. It’s a mindset I need to fervently learn to live by.



These photos were taken during my last few days of hibernation, food binge,Netflix/GSN marathons and writing back in the garden state. The weather was negative x, even at the peak of 12 noon…and up until now, I’m still baffled how did I actually brace the cold winds without gloves while taking these pictures with a self-timer. In the process of scrambling my wardrobe, I am slowly getting used to my winter/autumn clothes (which I probably shouldn’t have in the first place) finally having good use. The appreciation of cashmere, faux fur, thick, lined fabrics has been a normal occurrence. Another additional inclusion of the package would be dry skin due to the cold, windy temperature. My saviours would be my Glossier kit, drugstore and Sephora panic buying to save me from peeling. As for my hair, the hair dryer and my new favorite local brand from Nanny Rose with my regular rounds of hot oil, most of often is up and about in between the strands.

The first few weeks of school got me off guard, glancing gracefully. Now, I am bidding my farewell to my attempt of what I call “slow pace activity”. But still, as a side note, I wouldn’t mind wearing leather (or faux fur in lighter forms) anytime soon for the most random reasons, at the most random places.

In other news, I am now coping with a very big deal of getting my clothes a fix (without buying any additional clothing). Times have changed, and happily, I am on track. Instead, focusing on other means of having inexplicable tenderness for fashion articles and clothing I hope not to purchase, I am now interested, considering and trying out construction. With this in mind, I think I can finally have my sewing machine fixed once and for all, with the company of my mannequin, the lady in black.

I am now back to regular programming, now infused with a little bit of fun– to the promise I made to myself to explore more and be immersed in my surroundings. Most importantly, how not to be consumed and possessed alive by my majors, my (invalid) feelings for the academic pressure and the overall, lovely package deal of life and love.

Embellished Sweater H&M | Transition Glasses (frames) Sunnies Specs | Leather Skirt H&M | Faux Fur Promod | Leggings Mango |

To phase 1, conditioning, transitions and beyond.

S.S, signing out.