The New Light

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In the midst of the explosion of midair lights, moderate to extreme building of holiday excess from binge eating, coming to realize another year is normal that passes by so quickly. As cliché as it may sound, I’m excited, overwhelmed yet hopeful (while holding a hot cup of hot chocolate) for the coming year. 2015 really challenged me since it pushed me over the edge of limits (a special mention to my academics). 2015 was also the year I had minor to major changes in my life, at large. Of course, I was there in the scene, standing somewhere, with me trying to keep up and be true to what I have been aiming for.

The changes, places and emotions have been real. The chances are forgiving, yet at some point I hope they would lean towards in favour to me. The year brought the days like I was glancing, softly, seeing them go by, sometimes forgetting that I am, and suddenly, after opening my eyes, there it all goes. Fortunately, I haven’t glanced for nothing…and I think I might have learned more than the past year.

1.) I became a morning person.

Way back, I swore I would rather have the whole night trying to finish everything, given that I get to sleep till 12– just in time for lunch time. This year, I have finally won the battle of keeping my body in the zone for work and other tasks in the morning…and I’m definitely loving every bit of the day.

2.) I need to alternate a slow and fast pace.

I came in terms to myself that I am human–and I also have limits. I have set goals and I have met a large percentage, the least I could say. Needless to say, I need to have breathing time to unwind. If I do not give myself to stop and breathe, the endless cycle of burnout will always be here to stay.

3.) I need to take care of myself.

With my brother’s full force influence, and the horror that the 13-year old binge eating me, combined, pushed and inspired me to take care of my body more and looking after on what I eat, while avoiding the sedentary lifestyle.

4.) I should learn to say “No.”.

There were instances, not only in the past year, but the years before those, that I have said “Yes.”. I have come to the point that these experiences were not only waste of time, but also a lesson to choose activities and engagements carefully.

5.) I should remove the worries and strive to do best in every aspect.

I can say it is true that stress kills. In fact, I have lost a significant number of hair strands, almost everyday, in the hopes of getting myself together while doing the things that I want. I wouldn’t also deny the fact that I have spent accumulated hours on worrying. It’s a habit I want to take out of my system for good. Worrying occasionally would be fine, but as for the permanent mindset–I absolutely do not want that.


For everything and everyone I hold dear, who gave lessons and became sparks of inspiration– I will bring the drive to the 2016 and beyond. To my #ProjectFindingFocus, commissions, personal entries, shoots, sweet conversations  and small celebrations in everyday, thank you for pushing me to what I can do.  There is a long list to continually write and waiting to be accomplished.

Love, light and for the continuation of greatness,


Photography by Shutterpanda

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