Outfit Diaries: Barefaced



Dressing-up and retail therapy will always be a (bad) habit of mine. Dressing up in front of the mirror, trying out endless possibilities of matching and contrasting pieces and the idea of buying of the same things, in the same colors, hits me hard.

Going back and having a good look upon my closet sets the mood that I have probably been half-confused and half-reckless in spending and investing on pieces that would always fit in any way, in most cases.

This 2016, I will focus on buying what I actually need- still, without compromising style and keeping eye-catching statement pieces.Another thing I’d want to work on would be the ability of professional looking self-portraits. Also, stating the fact I am still quite shy when I come ask someone to take my photos (even the in the family or my closest friends). Up to this date, I still cringe at the fact that I have been doing these things in my subconscious way back when I was 5 years old to my way of documenting my whereabouts.

With those two combined, hopefully, I will be creating a more sustainable set of clothes for great and future extremes of weather of places I go to, to keep up with my sometimes lazy habit of wearing *insert house clothing*, plus a sleek worn out jacket to almost everywhere.

To 2016, a new and improved wardrobe, to fit my quite indecisive , clutter-minded outlook on art and beyond and experimenting self. To 2016, a look back to basics, loose, barefaced look. To 2016, a thirst for travels and places that I will dress up for.

To all of these for 2016, still having the heart of my 5-year old self having a never-ending dress-up, forever.


DSC_0118 edited2



Cheers to another year made up of 365 days, having a hard time in decision making on what to wear and what to keep!

My Shape Skirt from My Shape Set Winona Australia | Crochet Top part of a set Holy Swim | Necklace find Greenhills | Hat H&M | Boots Promod

S.S., signing out.