MAC Techniques x Autumn/Winter Trends 2015

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I remember the most intimate moments with makeup way back when I had to really immerse myself into it. Starting from those plastic pans and plastic handles that made the translucent compact case goodness and the small pink versions of kid pro applicators, early acquaintances during mandatory self-retouch at the backstage way back ballet years, and now, casually doing makeup for everyday wear plus other mandatory touch ups. I definitely had that “a-ha” moment at different points of my makeup purchase history when I had to learn how to use a tool/item, whether I drastically failed or nailed it on my first time.

Now, looking back at my memories with my mom (with a game face on) insisting I should probably lie down and let her have it her own way in plucking and shaving my brows, picking the right tones with the obsessive compulsiveness on highlighting, was one of the things I realized I was supposed to be thankful for.

These past few makeup encounters, looking back, I’d say, “We are finally here.”, together with a side grin. Though not really a fan of full wear makeup, I might have embedded basic essentials that enhances my existing look like intense brows, subtle tint on the cheeks, and a wearable color that goes a long way.

A new addition would be the spur of the moment decision or choice to experiment soon when I had time to with more quirky, out-of-the-usual basic-basics (basic-basics is just a term I made up— basic of the basics) on everyday wear. After the MAC Techniques event with US based makeup artist, John Stapleton, we were served up with 4 new trends that will be under the it list this Autumn/Winter 2015 Trends.


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Beautiful and Daunt

The trend focuses on strong brows, using dark, matte, colors on the lips and having a contrasting smooth complexion perfected by powder and a little bit of bronzer and highlighter on the cheeks to have an illusion of hollowness. The ultimate power shade, which is actually not a color, black, plays as a go-to shade for the lips and for eyeshadows to kohls for that runway-night look. A plum shade can be a substitute for black if you wan’t something that is not overdone for work or daywear.  For brows, it is always better to have it in a lighter shade like brown to lessen the intensity coming from the semi-smokey eyes. For the actual runway look, using liners or gel to draw lines or dots or using them in an unconventional way makes the trend a bolder statement.

Strength of Beauty

Au Naturel is the signature look for this trend. Nailing the look would require 3 things: Having perfect or “perfect” skin, a nude palette and beautifully arched and groomed brows. For the skin, something liquid (like a HD BB or CC cream) would suffice to conceal blemishes and compliment one’s own skin color. For a nude palette, a favorite daily wearable, would be Mehr and Kinda Sexy in Matte for my lips. Since less is more is evident in the look, a light mascara wouldn’t hurt to open the eyes to make it look more refreshed and awake.

Love Worn

Au Naturel infused with blooms and blush, it all comes together in a feminine look and accentuating parts of the face with not too much color applied by using medium to intense shades of pink and tints of red, and applying them on the face with a faded look.Using tints as all around for the look would be the best choice with a complimenting illuminator to highlight the cheeks and other parts of the face to make it glow.

Red 70’s

Think Mondrian Bold (without the grids).  Brows on this look should look neutral not overpowering. Boldness is the key in this look wherein flushes of bold red will overpower in certain parts of the face like the lips. Lined eyes will make it more streamlined. Dewy skin is the perfect compliment to pull-off the look. Having a fresh face will balance out the sharpness of the other key elements present.


Visual Diary extras for the event:

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I know this is definitely a very late post!

I hope everyone who reads can catch up. I definitely have a bundle of posts in store (please be patient). Finally, I’d like to thank Sir Hern of MAC for the wonderful makeup sesh over at MAC SM North Edsa and for the MAC Techniques invite. Definitely felt overwhelmed by the art direction of whoever spearheaded the event!

*Hustling back to personal work, academics and life*

S.S., signing out.

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