Hello Dreamer x Van Gogh is Bipolar

I have been planning this dinner for almost two year and finally it has happened! Kidding aside, no, it was not a date whatsoever, but a small gathering with my closest friends to talk about anything. Since I have seen the very intriguing sounding restaurant online, and its good reviews, I gave it a shot (despite our very busy lives), and snatched my best friends and gave it a chance that our night would be different.

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We were welcomed with an open garden filled with mood lights ( with its own bipolar cats) that led us to a fridge filled with footwear ( you had to remove your shoes to enter) to a door with a vivid painting of Van Gogh himself. But then with our very cautious minds, we actually had a hard time deciding if we should open the door (haha). At the end, we did, and we were glad we did.

So now, I have decided not give a full detailed narrative (go visit them and have your own, unique experience too) through words but a short video and some pictures that I have taken.

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Without regrets, we were definitely thrilled yet relaxed throughout the night. It was a haven that Sir Jethro, together with Sir Pastor and his staff built, with open arms, that made the restaurant have it own mysterious and feel good vibes.

We hope you’d enjoy your own visit! The experience really is something that cannot be replaced by any narration and is definitely priceless.

Besides from its own charm, we congratulate the restaurant to have gained 4.5 out of 5 stars from tripadvisor as one of the hotspot restaurants in the Philippines.

Lastly, I would want to say a great thank you to Sir Jethro for the warm welcome, Sir Pastor for guiding us through the rituals and the chefs and staff for completing the great experience me and my friends had.

Here is a link to their Facebook page for some chill pill pictures and art updates from Sir Jethro himself!

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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*hides under work table to finish deadlines despite sweater weather*

S.S., signing out.

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