How To + New Space Room Tour Vlog

So you might have been very keen on the details or maybe you’ve been stressed on how to even start to deconstruct and reconstruct on fixing your haven, right? Well for me, it was a drastic process of 3 weeks, sorting, figuring out how to transport and make do with what I had. But after everything else, I definitely felt fulfilled once I saw the bigger picture. Yes, it takes effort to achieve a desired look or a perfectly planned or spontaneously curated space that just feels right and refreshing. I’m one of those people who feel euphoric when my space fits my routine and reflects my personal taste. Are you one of those people?

If you are are my 4 fool proof tips that I have done for my transfer of items + repainting  + restyling that should come in handy:

1.) Sort your items to Keep, Give and Sell.

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According to your preference, you would want to keep your favorites, let go of the things that need to go, or even pass on a vintage item or a beloved item to others to give them a new home. I suggest you store them in balikbayan boxes (I bought mine from Handyman/National Bookstore). It would be a great help to label them as well as not to cramp on space when fixing items, therefore, you can get even on each category of items to open and dispatch to their new designated places.

2.) Go (and be crazy) pinning.

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As (almost) all visual geeks do practice, keeping an updates and neat boards are all it takes to inspire and be inspired to start a new idea or plug in a new aesthetic for restyling hacks and repurposing DIYs. For these and all the others, my wallet, especially my parent’s wallet, will and did say a great thank you. Sometimes, a change in color (like my brother’s room) or a new space saving shelving unit that will make your life easier.

3.) Repurpose old items and expand possibilities = D.I.Y. fun

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Did you know that the white frame with hooks that I have on my wall (with hats) was repurposed from a canvas I used for plates? Yes it wasn’t really supposed to be there. Now, I’m still looking for items idle at my home (or others). Okay, I think I should steal my grandmother’s bathtub…

4.) Try out different orientations and list down your priorities.

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 List your activities and their importance, for example for mine, I have a large floorspace in my bedroom for painting and crafts that I’d like to do (when I don’t like the ambiance or feel in my studio or basically, natural lighting). Also, I love keeping my books and sentimental items accessible (but I try to avoid dust), so I keep them neat and tidy (and stylish) in  inexpensive carton boxes in my room (I bought mine from Daiso and Landmark, with prices of 88 to 200 Php). Though I try to have a delineating line between my work and space for rest, I still keep it friendly for either activities.

Lastly, here are my favorite shops in one directory I visited (and will visit again) to complete the overall look of my room:

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Regalong Pambahay

One of my favorite one-stop shops to go to in the metro. They have reasonably priced items that you’d want to get, give or recieve. I recommend that you buy their lightweight decors, freestanding items and even craft materials that are worth the visit.


From a wide range of lifestyle magazines, crafts and ready made to custom furniture, its all in Heima. Anything from Heima screams color, prints and living colorfully.


Landmark has a wide spectrum of items that one should be on the look out for. For the most affordable pieces to a more high-end versions of the piece, there is a sure item that you can find. My favorite places in their department store are their kitchenware, home decor and hardware. From finished, yet shabby looking crates, to printed sheets and furniture, its a not so easy game of picking (in a good sense) the best ones to satisfy your taste.

SM Department Store

Despite its mass produced items that everyone is mostly aware of, they still have few gems that you’d want to pick-up. A special mention to the fake plants with burlap sack pots that I place on my bedside table that I find very affordable (at 100 Php each) without compromising design.

Daiso and Japan Home

My favorite 88 (Php) stores that gems to look out for. I love that i bought my new set of wooden hangers for my open closet andset of stationary crates and smaller shelving units for my larger shelves.

H&M Home

I recently visited their SM North Edsa Branch and I just gushed over their sale items. Their sale items go from 50 to 70 percent off. I bought hanging plant pots from 700 Php for sale to 300 Php. I have been always on the look out of their duvet covers and bed sheets for sale.

Urban Abode

Unfortunately, when I visited Urban Abode, the all-out sale for their last collection was over, but I did pick-up nice (and quite rare) Edison lightbulbs for my lighting. They offer other items like free standing items, furniture, home decor, and even scents.

Urban Outfitters Online

First of all, the VAT and non-delivery of items at home makes me sad for my international online purchases. But for my Urban Outfitter Duvet Cover, it was (kind of) worth it since I got my 132 US dollars worth of sheets for 77 US dollars, which were on sale. I was quite lucky to avail one of their sale items (no money for the more posh and expensive selections *cries*). I try to select the most important things to half-splurge on (like good bedsheets).

Craftsmith Living 

The whole store is definitely heaven. I love their shabby chic x unstyled x neutral shades x nature inspired design that feels refreshing and surprisingly gives a light feeling despite the mood kind of lights and dark colors present in complimenting neutrals. They also have handpicked items from around the world, so definitely, you’d want to check those out for the perfect rug, read, porcelain or anything.I also want to say thank you to Ms. Chuty and Ms. Kay for welcoming us and giving me a nice set of postcards fo rmy new room!


The Aussie brand creates nifty home, decor and stationery and school essentials that encapsulate a shabby chic x bold color designs, injected with pop culture + trends (my mom got selfie remotes for iPhone for 400 Php in Teal, which I thought was for something else…haha). What I love about the store is that is encourages DIY, with the use of their kits and other party items as well (or you could just mimic the instructions and materials really, to save money).


A lot of people who have a sky-is-the-limit budget or a x budget (or maybe some sosyalera individuals) would not probably resort to go to Anding’s Toys and Flowers, but the place is definitely a great gem as a whole, noted that I got raw wooden boxes and similar Bohemian lamps (from Landmark and Regalong Pambahay) for almost half the price (with the exact same item). The store could also be handy for grand events and even small, D.I.Y.parties that you might plan for the future! So people-who-have-bad-impression-on-Divisoria, please give it another try!

PB Teens

Pottery Barn in general is a great store in general, and a few weeks ago, finally PB Teens opened their first shop here in the Philippines! Though I haven’t physically visited the store, I’d want too see some of their neutral pieces that I think would perfectly fit with my existing pieces.

Here is the room tour I posted a few days back:

Check my youtube channel, Hello Dreamer, which will be encapsulating my travels , DIYs and other video etcs. Subscribe to my channel and I hope to see you at my next vlogs! Keep an eye on updates and my mini studio room update!


In other news, I really feel dragged by the weather and the things that are happening…but fortunately, a few things (like games haha) + passion projects keep me sane. Well, I think I have less than 5 weeks to celebrate before school starts (I secretly hate school, really). So, let us all hang in there and probably dream about the next place to get lost in. As I mentioned, stay sane!

S.S., signing out.