A Sorry and A Hello + The Great Intermission

Before everything else, I am very sorry for all of the people who have been left hanging. I’m still very thankful for the people who visit the blog to check out updates (and/or just view old posts) and maybe, just maybe, most of the readers have found a more active, more engaged blog perhaps? So again, a very hearty thank you.

On the flipside, it has always been a goal to be in that professional level, where one posts on a regular basis, with everything put together. After that goal, the thought of real life mixing in with my virtual life, just hit me. Barely breathing, I’m currently getting a hang of the stress from my roller coaster ride in my freshman year in college.

Let me narrate…Scan 5EXPECTATIONS

*some would have probably envisioned THIS*

First year in art school will slap you in the face that you are actually just a spec of the whole art community. Mind you, it is a slap that will either make or break you. But then of course, it depends on the person who will be handling the situation and implant the verdict unto themselves. Most of the time, seeing a large number of people who are like you (or maybe exactly like you) will leave you in awe, if not overwhelmed.  Practicing at College of Fine Arts and Design, you will definitely see a wide spectrum of sub-stereotypes under the artistic-creative individual population that dwells in the magical building of Beato Angelico.

I have to recap the 4M’s that will be definitely part of the art student’s friend/enemy list: Minor, Majors, Money, Motivation.

Scan 4 Edited


*what actually happens*

MINOR SUBJECTS. Things you need to clear off your stress list. Grumpy or exceptional professors (sometimes that come in hybrids) will challenge you to exert effort on their lessons because they will DEFINITELY COUNT. Last thing you’d want to know is that you flunked a subject that you could have done so much better at (and could have actually made you part of the magical list—the list that entitles you a certificate of recognition, on a piece of bond paper).

  MAJOR SUBJECTS. the cherry on top that takes a lot of love and patience to achieve. These subjects are usually a mix of lecture and laboratory time for practice, actual rendering or making the outputs and asking for help from the professors. A large number of time is usually used for the artworks we create, and no, its not the freedom that one should abuse or take for granted. Contrary to what people envision us doing, we have an objective or objectives to meet, most of the time figuring out the appropriate style or attack to deliver for the most important client, again, our professors.

MONEY. The golden fuel that makes the plates go round. We spend a big deal of a budget on materials to make our ideas happen ( ehem to freshmen year ) leading us to eat budget meals and street food when we are short on moolah. Well, I am used to that, and happy to inform my parents I did save money despite that *grins*.

MOTIVATION. Your self-coach or coaching from other allies. The thing that keeps you going on your personal endeavours (which will motivate you on your academics) and of course, the heart of it all, your wonderful plates that will improve your skill and will give you the sense of fulfilment as a visual communicator, student, artist (and maybe a bum). 

Observations are inevitable but there will always be the group of people who drug themselves by their own acts, also a special mention of the special relationships (well that was redundant…) that sometimes hinder their growth (or at least attendance in their classes), vices and negativity that can inflict their stay, but seriously, I hope people will always take in mind their actions and be the better person they can be. But really, I think caring TOO much should be toxic, eh? 

The most important things are innovating, opening doors for different angles and possibilities and being a tough cookie. There always be the space for the possibility that your work will be ridiculed but all it takes is in believing in your own craft and finding ways to be better at it rather than comparing yourself (you will not survive if you do). But without any regards to whether what the reason is that you are here currently reading this, I’m also saying “Hello!” to everyone who’s new and a regular.

Plate, plate? Or Plate? *grins*

I definitely lose lunch money for the plates we make…


To get down to the root of this post, here is PROJECT #FindingFocus…

Its basically an activity to culminate on my personal work and self. As a person submerged to what I read, experience, see and listen to, it has been a big lump of ups and downs of dwelling on ideas.  I always find a way to translate the culture I see, emotions I feel, to work I make.  Though to be honest, being true to a process isn’t always easy. Distractions, incidents and some restrictions may affect the overall product. While mistakes aren’t always something to be discouraged about, it may positively or negatively affect the output in some other way. Mixing academic work plus personal work for me, has made an impact greatly on the latter. Like I have mentioned, being a freshman in an art school has been a whirlwind. Personally, it is one of my goals to retain my relationship with the things I love, like creating art, as an enjoyable, fulfilling and basically based on the love of doing it. Like one of the most horrific things I’ve heard from other people, that if one mixes a dear hobby or an activity to work, you’ll be sick of that thing or activity you once loved because of stress (and other external factors). Good thing to know is that the idea mentioned is outnumbered by the majority. At the end, these small to larger-tan-life attempts or deeds must contribute to a purpose and a goal that is part of your daily inhale and exhales, which for me, is to culminate and keep the juices flowing throughout the process, especially the great intermission.

I am to create 100 paintings/artworks during my break and to photograph and to explore in transit to achieve my goal. Getting back on track on my own introspection via artworks has been left hanging and sometimes gives the idea of art block that haunts me. Unfortunately, it has been sinking in for sometime, but I knew I had to work the way out of it somehow (or maybe I was just too worried?, and boom, I wasn’t actually experiencing art block). Even though inactivity sometimes would alarm me, thinking its the start or it is the phase of an art block, I am coping to inject time for “spacing out” (which doesn’t always mean unproductiveness) or reflection. 


I encourage everyone to do the same and find their passion, focus on it and consistently draw out a progress shot for a day and call it a day. Finding focus, usually attributed to mess and finding a sole purpose or subject is directing to one certain goal. The possibilities are endless and mediums vary. No exceptions and no boundaries.

It is a great intermission,  between the hectic, most stressful days of our academic school years, when we take a break and find ourselves and be in connection with our own thought on our own work and selves. Its a great kickstarter for those who are quite unsure of their path to take. Weekly, Together, lets go towards one goal. Meet ourselves, in transit, with our hands and our minds.

To compliment this project, I stumbled upon a post via Peter Shankman which could probably help me (or you) to meet our goals and keep our inspiration flowing. Here is an illustrated version I have created…



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In other news, stay tuned (to my awkward self)!

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Still cooking up more meat…

S.S., Signing out.

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