Outfit Diaries: Into the Wild

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I recently collaborated with my friend photographer for a long due Outfit Diaries entry. This entry is composed of pastels and touches of black for a more finished, streamlined look. The trimmings are the focal points of the main pieces. Blue top with trimmings from Plains and Prints, Black Lace Shorts with trimmings from Topshop, Weekender Casual Coat from Vise Versa, Shoes from SPERRY, Glasses from Rayban, Charm Bracelet from Pandora.

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For the second time I met Marge, the soul on the same page that I was, always exploded with ideas. Surprisingly, she was from the same college and university I go to. So, most probably, it wasn’t really actually supposed to be “surprising” in the first place. I still remember our first conversation quite vividly (for an acquaintance), it was purely about art, how was it manifested and kept alive.

I’m still glad I could find rare gems of burning fire in the most unexpected, most random ways, places and times. I still believe in Marina when she said that everyone will be unexpectedly or expectedly an artist. I’d like to add that the ones that burn the longest, persist.


I instantly fell in love with her photography which you can easily check over at @thesunnysideart and @artandhumanity.

The past week has been crazy, so I would like to breathe and congratulate myself for surviving. A great, long break awaits for me after my academic responsibilities. For some reason, I feel the next succession of whole afternoons dedicated to self-reflecting and relaxation will be refreshing my senses soon for my next batch of ideas.

I hope everyone is having a grand weekend, through thick and thin. Let us see the art through what we do.

Photography by Marge De Jesus

S.S., signing out.

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