Revamping and Decluttering My Space


It has been good 11 years since I had a small room for myself. For the past few years, it had 2 walls of Narra wood and 2 wall of light carnation pink goodness. I always wanted to revamp or rather refresh my style every after year, but then parental consent and budget always left me saying it was good enough to leave it like as it is. As I grew up, I always wanted a room that reflected my current style. If something was too outdated for my current aesthetics, I’d give either a space or specific item a makeover, within the means of my extra time and money. Happily, I am now in peace with my space at the moment. I’m also glad that I was finally able to let go of stuff that was hindering me from maximising it to its full extent. I’d like to share how I purged my tiny, humble space.

During a 5-day weekend, I impulsively decided to paint part of my walls white, declutter my space and remove excess clothes that ended up being a dump inside my closet. I saw different things that went to any of the 3 baskets I created: To THROW, To KEEP and To SELL.

After the whole purging inside my room, I realised how many branded clothes I haven’t even had the chance to remove the tags off them, use my impulsive buys from either thrift shops or short trips to malls for sale. The saddest-happiest things that happened to some of my clothing, denim shorts that costs 3-4k pesos, that I only used once or twice. The happy thing about that was I was able to shrink myself 3 or 4 sizes smaller. That is why I’m having a Project Closet Clean-Up via Instagram and Duriana App under Paperdolls dot PH ( for INSTAGRAM and @SentimentalSediments for Duriana.

I had my empty bottles of favourite scents and details now to better use by making them as a collective focal point on my study  table.


I decided to put everything in white baskets, they look neat. I did not need any pop of color because most of my stuff are either in bold or in pastel colors.



Fresh new white sheets with a dash of color. I love how the Tommy Hilfiger prints jive with the Regalong Pambahay throw pillows.Screenshot_2015-02-01-17-57-33-1

I bought a 350 pesos worth of Iron Mesh as new moodpboard to keep my notes, inspiration, pegs and instax photos. I also kept in mind the hassle of sticking them on my walls, usually either damaging the walls, or kept working on other stuff by removing tac on wall for hours.




I love how clean and relaxing my study spot is. A mix of pastel colors on a clean palette can easily be changed up by incorporating different elements.


I have a thing for anything Bohemian nowadays. I ordered this Amaranth Dream Cathcher from Boho Teepee. It looks perfect with the feathers and gems that do not look flashy. It definitely has the right mix of the vintage x bohemian look.


Right now, I’m quite obsessed on anything Bohemian. It adds the rustic look to the minimalist look I want. I got this Amaranth Dream Catcher from Boho Teepee that makes these items handmade with feathers and delicate stones and gems, delivered inside a burlap drawstring pouch to your home.

My christmas lights are not seasonal, and they are here to stay. I love how they give a warm, homey feel to my room.


Knitted things and clean palettes all around.Screenshot_2015-02-01-17-57-54-1

Inspiration from Urban Outfitters, one of my ultimate style and aesthetic biblesScreenshot_2015-02-01-08-43-47-1

More pictures that are worth the pin…

(photos from Pinterest; to go to the direct links go to my folder)

How handy is this inspiration focal point? Literally pinning inspirations from physical copies and keepsakes will never get old. Rethinking of creating one myself, only with a built in several pins that will hopefully create palettes.a8f3e87bcdd13bb4b82b6dd0af84534b

I’d love to paint my wooden floor with white details, but in a constellation-like fashion. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Nothing beats the black and white combination, and pops of colors. As person who likes to work on personal projects inside my room, it helps that my ambiance is light, resembling or helping natural light to calm my mind, ike reminding myself of a clean paper or a palette waiting to be touched.3537e706384e42ced16c76c25af1039c

Taking cues from The Beach People’s Aztec Round which I would love to have (but will probably make my own by hacking the look and adding my own touches since its expensive).Screenshot_2015-02-01-17-57-26-1


My bedside nook

Few weeks ago, just realised we had to move over to our nearby (literally beside our existing abode) property, a few walks away, and I probably have to redesign my space again. New spaces means new beginnings! I’m curious how my aesthetic goals will evolve. To kickstart the moving part, I bought new stuff, mostly were on sale, at lifestyle stores around and in the Metro.

What do you think? i had these stuff all sorted from scratch, some existing and cheap finds in places you wouldn’t even think of getting inspiration from.

On the other hand, I had my hunt down a little too early, so I’d like to share them very soon on the blog as soon as I am able to breathe for a longer time for personal matters through the break.

Share your thoughts and ideas down below!

Keep posted!

S.S., signing out.