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 Abbey Sy, the master letterer, has gather over 30k followers on Instagram, worldwide recognition of her craft, a line of her own stationary products that feature her lettering and layout works, her blog, Artistic Dreams, Le Reveur, and now her ever popular and very exciting part of Road to ABC, her workshops!

When I saw the details via her blog, I knew I wanted to attend one of her workshops; To meet new friends, learn and have it as one of my escapes for the weekend from academic work. To be honest, I still can’t believe I’m doing art 24/7, and I am just definitely living the dream (and nightmare of ending plates).

To start the day, I picked a blouse that had realistic illustrations that I just loved when I first saw it. A steal under 500 pesos. I definitely had an artsy vibe that day.



The neighborhood cafe had a comforting homey feel. The paper craft installation definitely sealed the deal.  It was perfect for the workshop. Food was great, a selection of sandwiches, pasta and drink welcomed us. Of course, I automatically got the Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich + flat white coffee as my light lunch.


The starter kits given away included a notebook for thumbnails and drafts, a dotted sketch pad that serves as a better guide for lettering, brush and point pens, a workshop booklet guide and sheets of layout samples (not pictured).

Abbey gave the mentioned starter kits as basics together with the lessons on the technicals of lettering, its difference versus typography, calligraphy and the like, font and typeface basics, materials and where to buy them, and layout variation.

I just reminisce my good times at art stores (especially unexplored ones), when I would probably hoard the staples and buy stuff I actually didn’t need. Abbey agrees with my sentiments, and even with art books too.

One of the things I noted was that Lettering compliments or features your handwriting that makes it unique. It will always be great to get inspiration and influences from others and create something new by giving your own twist to it.

 I definitely had a wonderful time at the workshop, even had tea after with an alumni from my university who took the same course as mine, Marge.


It’s finally done!


 A picture with Marge and Jacque.  Another acquaintance I met was Ate Joy, and funny that they were asking me why was I even there. My art is intimidating ( I don’t mean it to be one)? Another side note would be my issues with my eyes when taking pictures…

Before wrapping up this post, I’d like to include sketches (for an event, for a friend) and my favorite watercolor artworks (on plates) lately.

      Palette play and thumbnail sketches with color.   

 Flos Fortis (Flower Warrior; preliminary plate on wearable junk art), in collaboration with my groupmates, coming to life. image image image More plates…

What are your summer escapes? It probably has sand on the side, but actually, it doesn’t necessarily need to. Trying anything new?

Hopefully, I will travel more, collaborate and just have random conversations with new people I will encounter.

Hoping everyone is enjoying their escapes (from stress)!

S. S., signing out.

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