Tabula Rasa + 3 Things To Remember for 2015

Other than the epistemological sense of this theory, I’d like to focus more on the literal translation that is ,”clean slate”, a two-word term that always call for reiteration for 2015. As we all again start on an unscribed plate, and in that process of incineration and smoothening out of our fears, negativities and failures, we all learn to move on to start a fresh, and a more fulfilling year.

Here are 3 things I’d like to keep in mind and share with you all:

1. Finish what you started.


“Underpainting. Not every beginning is a pretty one. The hardest part is just getting the motivation to start.”James Jean

We all know that most of us tend to mention the stereotypical description for all artists: “Artists are moody, and if they’re not in the mood, they most probably can’t produce great artworks or be productive in that manner.”

I would not deny this, but this has rather been one of my excuses for everything, since I consider myself as an artistic one (well, I’m still no expert on anything or whatever), sometimes, I let this thought to be embed to my system, which is wrong.

I tend to take time on other things that supports a lazier lifestyle, removing the chance of achieving something greater or a possibility of a new idea or achievement. I did this to my Death Alternative series that I haven’t tackled for awhile since again, I did as I mentioned.

Burn outs are inevitable for everyone, creatives and other passions alike, but for the sake of discipline, I do artworks as asked (for school and sometimes commissions) or leisurely , and I was successful for some series like my postcards which I was supposed to give up on, but you see, there is salvation and I never knew the product would be better as expected.

LESSON: Learn to take time to think why you are doing something in the first place, if it is beneficial in someway to your goal or exploration, then do it. If it doesn’t meet your circumstances in any way, do not waste precious time to prolong, but instead give it a good closure (if it is a project) or a series (of anything) you are working on. Use that deficiency in that aspect you have failed to keep the inspiration and drive going on another project or idea. Finishing and giving ideas or work a meaningful ending is not a wasted effort.

2. Expand and learn more about your passions.


I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” -Albert Einstein

Even if we think we have reached our full potentials, believe me, we haven’t. My experiences are living proof to that, for example, this blog, I started writing for personal purposes, but after I realised that I wanted to be better and a more effective writer (with branding and all), I am slowly delving into photography, integrating my art and my writing style. For example, photography can branch out from my love of fashion and travel, and own experiments from my D.I.Y.-loving lifestyle.

A lot of people praise me, I’m thankful, yes, but I do not let them get to my head. Once it does, I will be killing my own growth. Growth not necessarily on the scope of my interests and the things that I’ve been doing, but rather the things that could branch out from what I already know and love.

LESSON: Do not kill the possibility of branching out. You’ll never know when you can integrate new knowledge to your existing interests, that will eventually push you to be more inspired and dynamic in the way you think and create. You’ll never know what you will become.

3. Do your best.


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”– Samuel Beckett

A cliche saying, but it is part of my mantras on how I would like to describe my work ethics. Its okay if you didn’t come out as expected, or having the thought of failure. A question that would keep you going to improve and achieve your goals would be “Are you satisfied?”. If not, do it again, shake things up.

I myself have “failed” on many things, but I know for myself every negative statement that can be drawn out from my life can be changed. Everything is a work in progress.

LESSON: It will always pay to make an effort on the things you do. Its better to look back and get disappointed in the slightest bit, of course if you accomplished it with your all might. But it doesn’t stop there. Learn to be better.

Lastly do not forget to,


Conquer 2015 in the way that you do best.


Before I wrap up this  like to thank everyone, especially you my readers, that has been supporting in my endeavors. To my friends and family that continue to support me in my passions and ideas, please do not falter in believing in my craft. To the independent art blogs and lifestyle blogs who have featured me to be one of their inspirations, thank you for acknowledging me. To the lovely people I have met, thank you making my 2014 much more colorful and memorable.Of course a special mention to our lovely contributor in the house, Danica Lukban who took every picture above and has been with me through my Outfit Diaries, thank you very much.

 I hope everyone is having a blast and a headstart on their year!

Stay tuned for more posts I’ve prepared for you guys. Keep an eye out!

S.S., signing out.