Outfit Diaries + SOTD: Electric Love (by Borns)


I’ve been stuck on a song for days now. I have several theories on the said LSS case of mine: The 4-chord hit theory, The reminiscent of old LSS phase songs theory, Top Hits Theory (the number of repetition of songs proportional to the favour of one to the song, but yeah, it often comes very rarely).

Of course, what could be a better way to exhaust an LSS-phase? Name (almost) everything with it (a living proof is this post). Live with the song. Play it while yore having a shower, eating, doing your what-not crafts and yes, even while you knit. And eventually, you’ll get really sick and even ask yourself…”Why have I liked this song in the first place!?” and yes, you’ll go back to the theories I just mentioned. Needless to say, it has happened to me more than a dozen times over… and I’m really just that person who goes obsessing over a song that tickles my fancy.

You might say, “What? Really now…”. Yes, things mentioned above are not actually related to this OOTD or of any of the accessories, outfit itself, or even aesthetic to combine everything else. Really, it was on the spur of the moment.

Details in the fabric and everything else in between…




Print Dress from Just G.| Leather Clutch from Michael Kors | Woven Vest with Fringe from Sunkissed, SM Women | Sandal Flats from Grendha

I love the woven vest with fringe I got for a steal for 350 pesos, a very versatile piece for beach wear over swimwear, an embellishment on turtlenecks for the holidays or travels or even plain LBDs for the night.

Go ahead, listen and take a plunge… *grins*


More BTS shots…



So…am I successful? I mean adding the song to your LSS playlist? If that’s the case, good luck. If not, I guess I’ll have to try again.

If it comes to the point that you’ll name your dog “Borns” or call you (electric) guitar, “Electric Love”, please tell me. (Yep, me and my corny jokes…). So long my friend, I hope you’ll stay tune on what I’ve been working on 🙂 I have D.I.Y. posts, introspection posts on inspiration and art and poetry (I get emotional at times, haha) and hopefully, resolutions for the coming year. I just hope I conquer my goals and personal projects this coming 2015! Before I bid my temporary goodbye, please do a favour by hyping this outfit over at lookbook!

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Happy holidays!

S.S., signing out.

*goes back to my hot chocolate paired with peppermint candies while petting a cat*

Photography by Danica Lukban

Words and Post Processing by Clarisse Provido