An Introspection: Abandoned + Bittersweet Seventeen


In one of the “abandoned” buildings, I could see myself, my introspective self to be exact. I have to say, taking these pictures by impulse was quite magical. Roaming an unexplored place that seems perfectly normal and unfamiliar are one of my favourite past times.  These “unexplored” beauties, as they say, are quite the gem, giving you the perfect place to reflect. Imagine this: An eerie feeling consumes you, of course given the fact that you could see the wallpapers being eaten up by time, dangling wires dancing their way through debris, rusting signages and open doors while having the company of one, or no one. This exploration, as part of my daily mantras, especially focusing on my passions, narrowed down to how I look upon my artistic expression. After 17 years of being partly frustrated on what to do, beaten up by my own passions, survived the surge and undeniably have stumbled upon pleasant and not-so pleasant remnants, I have grown to appreciate life in a better light. You might say, it would be a rather cliche thing to say, every year, another. “What has the past done to me?” would be the question, I’d say I realise few of the promising details most of us forget to enjoy, one word, applicable to anything and everything; PROCESS. In the different facets I would want to express myself, the sense of positive dissatisfaction urged me to find more answers and to eventually learn more. It was simple, if you had to make a work of art, you had to see the texture of the paper yourself, how the application of one layer to another affected each other, what the brush felt like gliding on canvas and how you angled to view proportion and perspective to your own liking.


You’ll see the tattered pieces come together and fall apart and still believe in their beauty.

imageYou’ll finally realise that perfection didn’t always merit satisfaction and happiness.

imageIf we let the thoughts of negativity consume us, we might as well look at ourselves again—like this rat.


All the while, it didn’t count how many flowers bloomed at the end of time, but how you managed to see it grow with your own labor of love.

Also, I’d love to share this wonderful video that made my introspection more meaningful. Its a video on “What Makes Your Heart Beat?” by Darling Magazine. I happen to stumble upon this and I hope it does strike inspiration, one way or the other.

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Smiles on faces, multi filtered sunsets from an aerial view, significant conversations, laughter shared even on the slightly nonsensical things, fear conquered, having achieved the unexpected, exploration, celebration and the art of asking, are few of the things that make my heart beat. Those heart beats are what make everything seem realistic at the far end, even though I, or we might think of it as something surreal. It makes us realise its possible, and in that moment, I must say, we must savour it while it lasts.

What makes your heart beat?

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