Outfit Diaries: Side Swept Grand


After trolling around during a seminar, I quickly grabbed the chance to wear casual clothes and take photos to update my (neglected) diary. Thanks to my friend, it was a very quick, and quite random photoshoot to begin with. Of course, my normal ensemble would be of these kinds of combinations and among those and the uniform, I miss this kind of laidback and loose outfit the most. Also,  I love the grungy consistency of such combinations, with stress on the leggings, I need not to be so dainty in sitting down or contraining my movement.

I always go for feminine with a classic tomboy touch. Just adding the right amount of edginess, dark hues and neutrals.


Bag from Prada | Dress from Japan (I unfortunately forgot the brand) | Dreamcatcher Necklace from Travels (Boracay) | Beaded Necklace from Papelmelroti | Lippie by REVLON

2Suede/Gamosa Shoes from Canada | I think you can get a similar one from Janilyn, Parisian or Dr. Martens (though material-wise, I’m not so sure about that)



For some random reason, WordPress hasn’t been tolerating my huge amounts of upload. Though there were more winning shots than expected for this post. I still hope you enjoyed this short musing on my rather neglected outfit diaries. Also, I hope to regain more inspiration, like I mentioned on my last post.

*insert heavy breathing*

10625007_838144786195841_8924045173487959178_n (1)

Something to get you guys going after reading this post, here is a collage I made last night for a friend while procrastinating on ideas and other things to be done.  Comment if you know the song! I’ve been up and about on it for days, with extreme cases of repetition included.


May the Grand (mom/dad) or even your late night self be with you always…

S.S., signing out.

Photography by Danica Lukban

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