Things of the Month: July

Finally, I had the time to update things here on my online space! Can’t you believe it has been a month or so since I started the school year (with a headache)? I can’t believe it either. Anyway, I hope you enjoy a very brief  rundown on stuff I’ve been working on. Basically, things are getting quite busy, but I enjoy it, so what is there to be so stressed about?


So far, so good. I’m very much quite enjoying my stay in my university with my dream course, wide array of gastronomical destinations with awesome, lovely people. Also, I try to apply my style on my freehand, conceptual plates which I think, will come out better as a collective. Though the technical and restricted subjects give an ample amount of headache at end of every weekend, luckily, I am still coping.

Early July, I started printing out postcards since I had the luxury of time to paint the whole break from school. I came up with a mini series called “Blooms and Eyes”. It contains 4  designs of  5 x 7 postcards on Old Mill Blanco paper, 150 gsm (printing courtesy of Illumina Digital Printing) inspired by my girls and floral obsession.

If you’re interested in acquiring a print, hit me up at!


Had an oriental chignon + dark lippie phase. Nothing smells Asian than tying your hair up to 2 small buns, side by side. And, dark plum is my officially my favorite lip color.  You can’t fool me to feel the same feeling I have when I wear an almost black on my lips.  I guess it balances out everything else in place.


Lately, I had an art trade with Mastry, a blockmate of mine. Here is my reinterpretation of Xeliz, the main character, undergoing reincarnation over at Hivena since he survived the black rain and is one of the chosen people to have such peculiar abilities. You can see Mastry’s reinterpreation of my Death Alternative text just down below. It’s quite surreal, don’t you think?



I have been featured over at the The Thing Online Mag about my fashion and blog. Read the pretentious (I’m only joking ) stuff I babbled for the interview section. Read the article here.


I can’t get enough of Taylor LaShae. Can you sense it? I illustrated her for obsessions sake. Also, I’m trying to lean towards the cleaner side of watercolor…and I quite failed on that.

IMG_20140724_203842 Like my friend would say, the at the shortest span of time given, its either you choose the path to the 2 extremes of possibilities, the worst and the greatest. 10-minute decisions count, like this chop over here.

IMG_20140731_171924 (1)

I’ve been going to back to some hands-on activities I enjoyed before. I’m trying to revive the good ‘ol days of sticking, cutting and layouting with whatever I set my hands on. I’m starting small, so I recycled some paper bags for the purpose of being craft paper.


Haul is a very dangerous word. And for artists, the visit to an art store. I bought  cheap paper and quality brushes last week. I hope that I can finish this daily sketch project. Stares, it’s all about the stares.


I hope you guys enjoyed the little sneak peek on my works in progress, process and style. I hope to evolve, learn and reach greater heights. Though personally, I feel stale, I guess I should stop talking about it and get going. I’m reading new stuff and hopefully, I could share them with you guys much soon as I actually finish the stack of books piling up my desk. I also hope to finish acappella song covers I’ve been cooking lately…

May the uninspired thrive, and the inspired,  inspire others!

*hides under the chair and does plates and essays*

S.S., signing out.

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