An Ex-Convent Girl’s Mini Movie Marathon

10537770_10203531573025703_1935899149_nFinally had the time to complete this post!

Unfortunately, this post has been on hold for a month or two because I had a lot of things on my hands. Now, I’m still hoping this mini movie marathon could still be appreciated by my co ex-convent girls, now young women, for their transitional phase to their wi(l)der in scope environment; A University.

Before we go about on our mini movie marathon, I have to ask if you have ever read Natalie’s 22 Signs You’re An Ex-Convent School Girl. I’m sure it has been quite a lot famous, not only here on the WordPress platform but as well on the net in general. I’m sure it well help everyone who will watch any of these movies to internalize with their respective themes. If you haven’t read it, go ahead!

As one Ex-Convent Girls myself, I finally connected to that one post and said “FINALLY! I’M NOT ALONE” *insert awesome GIF*. And in this post, we are not certainly stating the stereotypes. An ex-convent girl could be anyone. She might be a parent restricted girl to the bones, an innocent introspective gal who doesn’t dare break the “norms” and/or the “rules”, a total clueless on how to interact with the opposite gender type, a hopeless love-struck of fandoms, a total stranger to thy self or a mixture of everything I mentioned earlier.

As of my personal experience, I always thought about myself, or how exactly I’d present myself in a nutshell. Imagine yourself having different profiles for social networking, or to make it more intense, let’s make that your first day of school or a job application. Of course, you’d want to present the most pleasant facts and achievements possible, but do you get tired at some point because of ripping the actual bull from everything else?!  Because I do. Sometimes, we really need to face them with a greater temperance as usual, even if we do have the urge to simply put the blame on our abnormal Estrogen levels.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy these picks:


From the farthest box from this text, down further, the movie titles are:  Just One of the BoysVirgin SuicidesAn Education and Confessions of a Shopaholic

I hope you’ll enjoy these movies in a perfect succession on whatever you prefer to watch first!

What do you think about the movies? How do they jive in together as a collective marathon? Have you experienced any of the scenes you just watched? If yes, and you’d want to share you thoughts, comment down below.

I hope my girl tribe will be an improved and empowered, ex-convent women at heart. ❤

A special mention to my online buddy who I am yet to meet in personal while fangirling on bands. I love your collages and I’m lovin’ your art! Believe me, you’ve got talent, girl!

‘Til the next post!

S.S., signing out.

Words by Clarisse Provido | Art by Karen Lustanas

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