Death Alternative

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This is totally out of the blue,but I just wanted to share this tidbit of what I’m working on. Here is a part of the short story called “Death Alternative”. Some post on the internet just lit my light bulb + with more ideas from my dream diary,  finally,I came up with a solid idea. Seriously, I want to make a series of illustrations to go with these if my time and schedule will permit. But anyways, here’s a part of the little sneak peak of the whole picture.

Ravine of Thoughts

For the past thousand years, I’ve been set on rather consequential tasks on a daily basis. I, for one, have grown tired of it at some point. But anyway, I still revived myself to push through with the most tedious-sounding job. I do not speak to prolong this telltale of mine, though I wouldn’t want to sound so blunt.

 Though before I proceed with my narrative, I have one ultimate question.

 What does the word “dream” mean to your being? How have you understood it though your childhood?

 I suppose you, together with the majority, could have spoken of goals, aspirations, and even your most lavishly hedonistic excess that taints your spoken of soul.

But if you’re one of those who automatically directed their minds to their Alternate of their own during slumber, I give my applause and respect to you.

 Dreams, as discussed to be part of the latter context would be unexpectedly true for many. From the day we were born, as blank slates, we would be continuing to accumulate these specifics of something. An Alternate, a realm of our preexisting thoughts since the day we were born, that are mere pasts, together with the future thoughts or events will always remain, in an account that will be rarely remembered, in detail, once thought about  during our wake hours or what you humans call “reality”. Bit by bit, we continue to deceive ourselves with the thought that these “mere dreams” are only webs of fictional elements to the ultimate world. Are you aware of the skill of redefining purpose of different thoughts?

 Only a few will be able to understand the obvious.

 If we only let them pass through the “the web”? The “beads”? Trickle down the feathers, you wouldn’t even have read a part of this. And to those who disregard them as mere ornament to the body without even honoring its true value and use, be ashamed.

 For they do not simply desecrate the charm, but as well my role as a Lacinia.

 I plead only one request to you my friend, jot them down, make something of what you’ve conceived. And in every Alternate, a hidden passage, somewhere accessible between the Alternate and your “real” Alternate will be a path leading to me. Peek through the crevices and see the light, sometimes a blinding one, see through, process and reveal yourself to me. Only a few will be able to grit their teeth, endure and  present themselves. I do not know why many have resisted to reach me.

 I will speak more of these, my comrade.

I hope you will hear my plead.

But please mind the darkness for it shall consume you. And if it does, pray that I will be on time.


If there are corrections, critique, comments or whatsoever, please comment down below. It will be appreciated! Please note that I usually do not write stories, anything fancy and all (though I did try poetry)….

(It’s kinda sad I only have the time to write these at 2 am with my groggy self)

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