Outfit Diaries: Dreaming of Flowers

I’m finally wrapping up my summer after a few posts, and especially with my outfit diaries. School is about to start in a few days and I can’t wait to be a college student, given the fact that my course is my dream course, Arts!

I know it has been quite sometime since I posted because of weather conditions plus schedule conflicts. But I guess, it is a good sign that I spent my long break actively. Today, I’ll be posting my mini shoot with Danica, wearing an ensemble that I’d wear to any date with my friends or a day out to somewhere near greenery. Seriously, the moment I saw the frills, I was absolutely sold!

_MG_7075A random shot by Danica

Probably, if you’re following me on instagram, you’ve seen this outfit once when I tried it out inside the WONDER ROCKET dressing room!  These were one of the highlights of my trips to different shops in Harajuku, Takeshita Street at Japan. If you want to see their whimsical decor and some stuff I’ve seen on my trip, head over to my post on Japan Diaries Part 1.

Anyway, here are some details of what I’m wearing…


 A dirty white colored blouse with lace and frills from WONDER ROCKET

_MG_7095A bunny-inspired bag from Morn Creations 


Brown leather shoes from Aerosoles and light blue socks from a brand I forgot (since I ripped off the tags beforehand) from a store somewhere in Dotonburi, Osaka

Skirt with adjustable and removable lace embellished straps  from WONDER ROCKET

_MG_7097Parasol umbrella from  Akihabara Duty Free Shop


Plus, here is a random shot that came out great while playing around…


It was really nice catching up with this girl (and knowing some weird stuff at the same time) and who would have thought that she was a legitimate target? *ehem Danica*

So, there! I hope you liked what I came up with! I have to say you had to notice my flower fetish by the “accidental” inserts on the umbrella details (not so funny till you see my instagram feed). Again, thank you to my fab photographer blogger friend who didn’t wear an undershirt and wore her sweater on the wrong side (no hate)!

2014-07-05 19.20.59Photo snatched from @danicalukban’s Instagram

I’ll be posting more stuff over the week! I just really hope I get some stuff ironed over. Thank you for the visits, likes and even to very occasional votes to the lovely people who read this blog! Also, the same to the overwhelming likes and sometimes follows on Instagram. Just keep visiting this site for updates!

‘Til the next post!

S.S., signing out.

Styling and Photo Editing by Clarisse Provido | Photography by Danica Lukban

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