Japan Diaries (Part 3)

I’m quite happy that my Instagram followers were welcoming by liking my posts often, and yes, I FLOOD TIMELINES. I try to keep a daily diary through my Instagram and I keep it very active as much as possible. So if you’re one of them, *claps*, CLAPS FOR YOU! Again, for the nth time, as promised, here is the 3rd part of my Japan Diaries. With all of the in motion and miscellaneous photos I took by chance.

Also, I thank you for my 333 followers on Instagram! Expect to have an active feed, because of me!



To start off, we’re going to revisit Kyoto. As many may say, Kyoto is one of the cities that would be the intersection of both traditional and modern ways and structure. Geisha women (Entertainers and Musicians) would be spotted on this stop. Upon arrival on the Kyoto Stop from the Shinkansen, A small show room along the busy halls of the station had these beautiful Kimonos displayed. I assume, they are worn by rich (mind the intricate embroidery) and/or traditional citizens.



We had a brief break at Soup Stock Tokyo. They have good soup and Rice Meals with a curry-like viands which are good! I recommend you stop by if need a quick meal.


Lovely street snaps are my favorite.


In sightseeing in Kyoto, it was very convenient since you can go around by a private taxi, with a tourist guide and driver in one! They’d be happy to assist you with umbrellas, ticket redemption, explanations and such. It would pay to bring along an English speaking one as a request but a native speaker would be just as fine if you’re with Japanese speaking people.


Can you see the bunch of people from the distance? They’re all tourists, most probably. There were also a good number of students having their school trip around.


The residence above was once owned by a general and that gold-like lining on the whole house? Yes, it is gold! It’s constructed out of wood and wrapped around with a thin gold layer that is almost paper-like. And this one rad Bonsai tree (sorry I wasn’t able to photograph it) was so huge, you did not need to say it was almost a century old.


I told you there were a bunch of students having their field trips!


Isn’t it ironic when you see that specific, hidden sign somewhere?


These rad looking jars had holes in them and everyone threw coins as they make a wish.


Though we didn’t finish the long trail, I still had something to look forward to after the brief walk. FOOD. How divine is this hot, freshly cooked mochi with a somewhat mung bean paste inside! It just gave me the chills and foodie vibes since it was so good! ❤


The Nijo Castle was the funniest. The weird thing about this castle would be the floors. They call it the Nightingale’s Floor. It was the type of floor that would create bird like sounds when stepped on, with even the slightest move. One of the reasons was that it served as a warning to the people inside if intruders, especially if ninjas were to sabotage the place. It was really annoying at first, but you’ll get used to it eventually.

Of course, who wouldn’t take notice of the intricate and well designed details on those roofs? I’d love to make them as inspiration to my next art piece or collage.


Also, somewhere along the way, you’d see this showcase of a traditional reception when you are to ask questions or inquiries on your entry inside the castle proper.

DSC_1022DSC_1021Also, lovely Emas or a hung piece of wood wherein ones wish should be written were all over the place. The overwhelming part is wherein every Ema was different even though they’d look familiar from the distance. It was so beautiful as a collective picture.


These would be the interesting gears and thingamabobs in clocks inside the Swissotel Nankai Osaka iconic watch in their lobby. At some point, it reminded me of Kingdom Hearts… don’t you think it does?

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Look at the lovely skyline. Though it may be as the same back home, it felt organized at the same time jagged. I love taking photographs from above!

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Nighttime was even more breathtaking.


This specific park in Osaka was a tourist and local destination for people. If you want to take a quick snack together with some sightseeing. It wouldn’t hurt to spend half a day to relax, unwind and just walk. AND I randomly took a photo of this old lady in some vintage inspired clothing.


This walkway leads to another temple and a park that I was actually talking about earlier.


And you know what caught my eye? This lovely couple taking pre-nuptial photos. It was priceless, spur of the moment miscellaneous. I loved that they let me take pictures of them while posing.

DSC_1059Is it me or this lady looks like an idol?

DSC_1066It is a tradition to wash your hands in this small fountain to cleanse yourself before entering the temple. I swear if you weren’t a local Japanese, they’d know!

DSC_1070DSC_1071There goes Ms. Idol, taking a selfie.

DSC_0002Birdies be like…(.) I also noticed this one guy while I was taking the photo with a miniature cat and he placed it on the floor to take a super macro pic with the birds. I swear it’s like Unagi Travel!


Doggy smile!

DSC_1064DSC_0003Try their soft ice cream, ANYWHERE. Cheap and good. What else could be better?!


Oh gosh, if you’d see them dress, and shop. You’ll cry. I can tell a large percent of the locals are fashionable. No excuses, no drama, just strutting it.

DSC_0018Eat at this lovely Yakiniku! It’s across U-Arts, if you’ve read my Art (Supply) Madness post. One of the best things out there.  At least this was way better than our first Yakiniku.

DSC_0011And of course, the iconic Glico man billboard. Everyone was taking pictures of themselves. But I pass. Gaah, I really can’t believe the animes I watched and the mangas I’ve read had the characters walk and actually live in my imagination in this place, in this actual photo, gazing upon the busy walkways of Osaka. If you’re an Otaku, or obsessed with Japanese series, you would understand.

And that’s it!

It’s bittersweet to end my Japan Diaries and my my sub diaries as well. Truly, it was the right choice to get this as my graduation present. No regrets! I got tired but had uber fun. I recommend you guys, especially if you’re techno and Japanese culture loving person (or at least you’re interest about it) to visit the country! What I love about them is they try to keep the culture rich and evident, especially about their artistic outlets such as the Manga, Anime and Technological culture. I mean, it is really different if you see it FACE to FACE.

Really, with the things I knew and learned, it was magic.

Again, I’m giving a shoutout to the lovely people of Japan who have assisted us, and even thought I was one of the locals and kept speaking Japanese when I ridiculously just nodded anyway. ❤

‘Til the next post!

S.S., signing out!