Japan Diaries: Art (Supply) Madness

To all artists (a.k.a. everyone), don’t you get the feeling of excitement and temporary agitation when a store, COMPLETELY catered to your hobby just had everything you need in the making ?! I’m quite sure that we all had a phase when we would take an impulse tour to the stationary or art supplies section even if we’re fully loaded with materials.

That paragraph above happens to me, ALL THE TIME. Just seeing tons of materials and a large selection gives me the enough motivation to start with something existing or experimental. But remember, passion and determination will push you through the end (hopefully i’m doing it right).

Anyways, without further chit chat, I’d like to share 2 awesome art stores that you might want to visit in Japan, if you ever stop by for a few days. The first store off, is SekaidoWith 3 floors of office, art, manga supplies and all the reference books that you might need will 99.9% be available in this store in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

When we went to Sekaido, it was really convenient since by stopping on Shinjuku Station, it was a short 2-3 minute walk to the place itself, next to the Marui Annex. Though I suggest you stop by this place (if you’re buying in bulk and will be touring more places) AFTER you’ve visited your last stop. DO NOT IMITATE US. I bought 5 books, sketchbooks and more materials that were really too heavy to bear if walking. Please, spare your hands.

Watch a video below by a fellow YouTuber who went all out to record the good stuff for you. (follow them on YT, they have awesome videos)

Isn’t that one hell of a store! I spent nearly a fortune on supplies but still, it was worth the price plus the labor I went through getting it all the way from Harajuku-Akihabara-Ueno-Tokyo Eki (insert mild curse).

Some candid shots (sorry for the shaky photos o.o)


Hey ho, Mona Lisa.


Anatomy, style and perspective books. Will be helpful either you understand Japanese or not since they have extensive illustrations that will serve as instructions alone.


2 aisles of screentones for almost anything and everything.


Pens, nibs and other items on full load (though they don’t have COPIC). My favorite is DELETER brand, Neopiko in particular.


I spent about roughly 220 dollars on supplies. Includes the items that I mentioned earlier. Their prices are actually not bad.It’s like getting half the price compared to int’l items in my place. By the way, do not forget to grab starter sets from DELETER x Bakuman for basic instructions and materials. They always come in handy for newcomers.

The second store is special since I just stumbled upon it during our search of a Yakiniku or a nearby resto for lunch. I saw it right across the resto, with a cat themed header which caught my attention. U-ARTS, is a store located in the street of Osaka, near YES. Namba or Namba Station.

Quite surprised that they’re not on the net nor any other sites. So, I’ll be quite happy to share another golden egg! Basically, they have general items like Sekaido, but the winning parts are the interiors, framing, studio and gallery services and most of all, their COPIC PEN SETS, ALBIREO PAPER and other vintage, cat and whimsical/shabby chic styled items/stationary.


The store interface from the street.

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Shabby chalkboard is love ❤Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Copic markers in sketch, ciao, with nibs, sets and spray apparatus are available here. They have tons of pamphlets you can choose from, from on hand items to pre-orders.

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Cat themed items. Basically, cat-anything. Don’t forget to check out their monthly sale on some items. They usually have them displayed outside the store.


A faceless window selfie. One of the prettiest stores out there in Osaka, in my opinion.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetI snagged an awesome collaboration version of an Albireo Watercolor Pad (Japanese brand) with 3 pages of pre-drawn images to play and experiment with!


I really had fun indeed with my art supplies shopping and musings in between my legit tourist mode in different places. Though probably, it would have been incomplete if not for these highlights that make Japan more catering to artists and creative individuals! I’m just 100 percent sure they’re an art-loving country, since their vibrant manga and anime culture lives on and just by looking at ILLUST magazine, they value artists, their work and the craft itself.

I wish we had one of those in the Philippines! (I wish I could build a business of my own, somewhere in between an art supplies store and lifestyle (^__^))

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy of art supplies! ~

Please read on my part 2 and possibly part 3 as a continuation of my Japan Diaries proper! I’ll be posting them here every other day.

Till the next post!

S.S., signing out.