Bloggers United 7 x Sunsilk Experience

I have been an underrated and so-so active blogger for quite some time now, but I usually do not go to annual events like most bloggers should. I rarely connect or build my contacts with other avid bloggers like me. I know it’s sad but I guess this is one of the things I should try out this year (or on my free days); Attending events.

I’ve been curious for many years now what’s in store in annual events like Bloggers United, an event held usually in a convention center with beautiful second hand clothes from fashion bloggers, brand new releases by online boutiques and shops, and sponsors coming together. A said plus is that you can even meet your favorite local bloggers in their own booths! A few days back, I was invited by Danica to accompany her and so I went for a dive.


That day was bloody hot, not to mention we had to lineup in front of the open air at Metrowalk  at 10 am. Also, we were asked to pay 100 pesos for each person for the entrance, but for people who brought their own Sunsilk Bottle for the Hairkada promo, you get to enter for free.


These were the Instagram posts by different local bloggers like Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Danica Rio Navarro, Dani Baretto, David Guison and much more that absolutely anticipated this meet.

a1Chandelier fancy…

a3Pink! It was the color of the day.

a4We get to go in back and forth in between our shopping breaks because of this stamp.


People were ready to dive in. We saw the different stereotypes; the matchy matchy boyfriend-girlfriend, the festival goer, the shy type, the lolita/cosplayer, makeup gurus, laidback guys, photographer/bloggers and the neutral people. (We have to say we’ll stick with the photographer/blogger category)


I really remembered Danica’s story of her BU6 visit: She was able to buy several pieces of shorts and a dress with just bringing 500 pesos on hand! (Yes, that was the story that enticed me to go) But on our visit, we had a limit of 1000 to 1500 pesos as our budget. Can you tell with the picture above that you can buy something at any given budget? Sweet right?


The stage where the emcee bloggers and staff were setting up the prizes and raffles items up for grabs (I really wonder who got the Instax SHARE worth 9900 pesos…)


Different prints and textures of long sleeve blouses and dresses.

a9The REESYPEASY booth by Reese Lansangan with her line of vintage styled and kawaii signature on accessories and bags.

Reese Lansangan is one my favorite local bloggers. Her asian aesthetic that is like of Tricia Gosingtian but then with a Lolita x twist to her style. I honestly enjoy her Tokyo x Harajuku Diaries which inspired me to dive in and explore Lolita Fashion too! Yes, I am open to cosplay inspired style or even extreme ones.  Though I really wanted to get one of her clothing line originals (I bet they’re expensive) which were unfortunately unavailable during BU7. On the other hand, I can’t wait to get a hold of actual pieces on my visit soon. You should absolutely check her out on

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Speaking about Ms. Reese, here is my picture with the lovely lady!


Spotted some stripes and nautical themed items which were featured on Bloggers United official instagram account. One of the major trends today is sporting a high waisted bikini bottom with a contrasting halter bikini top.


Also, you can sign-up for Sister Secrets , a site where you can be a blog post contributor, and by following their twitter account and signing up, you can win freebies (supposedly on the day of the event itself). Oh, do you spot my favorite person? Joyce Pring is on one of their covers!
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Not an SIE reader (yet) but I had a picture taken with the welcoming and jolly Ms. Dani Baretto.


Spot the blogger/s…


(via Instagram; @danicalukban)

Before I wrap up this post, I have to say I was satisfied with my choices this BU7x Sunsilk ! I bought several pieces like plaid pieces, striped long sleeves, rococo style sweater, houndstooth print cotton long sleeves with glitter details and as for my yaya, she got a Botong Francisco tote from Freeway. My ultimate favorite find was a SONIC YOUTH CROP TOP from Reese’s booth. I JUST DIED. There were also top of the line street/casual wear like Topshop, Miss Sixty, YSL and some designer finds that would be for grabs for 1000 pesos up that I wanted to buy, but unfortunately,  it was already out of my budget.

Though next time, I would want to spot Camille Co, especially Tricia Gosingtian with her amazing wardrobe. If she was there, it would have been a dream come true! (Maybe we should request on their IG account…) Plus, I wouldn’t even think twice on splurging on those nice floral dresses. ( I have floral defieciency/weakness)

Anyways, I really enjoyed my first dive on Bloggers United! I guess I should go on their next event.

Till the next post!

S.S., signing out.

Photography by Danica Lukban

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