Outfit Diaries: Tigerlily

I really love Tigerlily from Disney’s Peter Pan. Her lose dress, adorable smile and feather headband makes her one of a kind and absolutely adorable. Not to mention, she is the inspiration of my look today. Her relaxed, yet still made up look lends a hand in this kind of weather, especially in a tropical country.The material of the clothes I am wearing are cotton most of the time, since they are unbelievably comfortable. In my opinion, you still shouldn’t compromise your style for comfort. Just have a little patience to find the key pieces that might fit your wardrobe and is comfortable at the same time!

Speaking of summer wardrobe, I only realized just now that all of my key pieces usually have floral prints or floral details o.o It’s quite creepy that I couldn’t find major basics (which is bad), which means I would have to replenish my basics after all.


Feather Headband from Forever 21 Philippines

One of the most versatile pieces in my head band stash. Red, blue, neutrals and shady colors combined can fit almost any outfit. It usually imbibes an old feel or something earthy.

DSC_0387Cotton Shorts from UNIQLO

The green x black and white reminds me of Jenni Epperson, an award winning mom blogger in the Philippines. If you haven’t heard of her, you should check her out, and one of her recent clothing collection should remind you of this outfit. Mostly, her branding includes tunics, A LOT of prints and her winning RiRi Heels.

DSC_0385Shoes by Twinky, Bag from Davao travel, Blouse from Callia


I hope you are inspired by today’s Outfit Diaries.

If you have your own version of “Outfit Diaries: Tigerlily”, comment down the links and I might just include them in my future updates!

Till the next post!

S.S., signing out.

Styling by me | Photography by Danica Lukban

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