DIY: Flowerette Streamers

Today, I decided to target two things to be done, I actually wanted to test out my camera at the early hours of 9 to 10 and make this DIY at the penthouse too. Fortunately, I was able to do it! (please note the almost 40 degree celcius heat, on the penthouse rather) Anyways, about this small DIY, I found out about it during a visit to one of the local craft and party goods shop located at the top floor of Tutuban Mall in Divisoria to fetch some supplies for an upcoming wedding. And speaking about my cousin’s upcoming vintage themed wedding, we fetched some colorful dotted pails, small wine sets, wooden fans and the flowerette streamers as well.

And these flowerettes streamers are something I’d like to share to the budding DIY enthusiasts like me. Another plus for those who would like to throw DIY parties as well.


1.) Collect the materials; thin felt paper (crepe like paper) in desired colors or prints, plain ribbons for hanging, embellishment ribbons as decorations, coated wires (ribbons may be used as substitutes as well), jute strings as core ribbon for hanging (optional) 2.) Cut several thin felt papers into desired size, layer them all together and fold it like a fan 3.) Using the coated wire, bind them together in the middle and put the embellishment ribbons to one side and the hanging ones opposite and parallel to it. 4.) Peel the petals one by one towards the embellishment side, do the same for the other side (please note to carefully peel the petals up to the tips of the gathered crepe paper to achieve the petal look, also, please be careful as the material may be torn easily).


Hung up above.

Though the ready made ones we got from the craft store (we got the ready made ones of course, because…60 pieces o.o) were simple and monochromatic in color, you could experiment by layering down different textures, colors and even materials (I’m so sorry I couldn’t show an example since felt materials in my stash are scarce), also adding a dangling pendant or…teacups <3!


I also got some 45 peso (1 US Dollar) paper lanterns (purchased from Tabora, Divisoria) that I’m planning to put up in my room. For the meantime, I decided to shoot them with the flowerette streamers.


A sneak peek on the giveaway…and oh, some unpeeled flowerettes!

I hope you’ll enjoy designing your home (or party) with some lovely flower love.

Till the next post!

S.S., signing out.

Photography by Clarisse Provido, Header by Danica Lukban