Outfit Diaries: Rarer Than A Can of Dandelion and Burdock

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Today, other than my outfit of the day, I’d like to introduce a new official contributor, Danica Lukban! She is one of my photograph and blog enthusiast friends from the same high school I went to. I realized she is fit for my blog for the same aesthetic and love for blogging (duh) ! I just had to recruit her after meeting a few times and actually ask her to join in culminating more finished and polished photos, starting with my ootds.  Also, today she’ll be starting to shoot me for my upcoming outfits in the future and this blog post you’re actually reading!

Check out the about page in a few for her profile and etceteras!

I’m so excited to collaborate with another friend for more exciting and inspiring posts to come!

Anyway, let us proceed for today’s theme. Though we don’t exactly have dandelions and burdock, I’d like to commemorate one of the many songs I adore; Suck it and See by the Arctic Monkeys. But hey, at least we made it up for the yellow details!


Today, my outfit consists of almost sheer long sleeves with leather wrist cuffs and collar to toughen the feminine look, an apron style pastel dress in pink, touches of floral for the crown and the faux encrusted necklace with yellow detail and a faux snake skin bag.




Nude Heels by Marie Claire


Faux Snakeskin Bag by Iconic (Dubai)


Necklace by Forever 21, Long Sleeves and Pink Jumper Dress by Hip Culture

Also, please hype my outfit on lookbook at http://lookbook.nu/providoclarisse!

I was so exhausted from the heat and bad womanly worries but still had fun shooting with Danica! You readers should also check out her fab photos on instagram via danicalukban. I’m also quite happy for reviving my lookbook account. So please stay tuned!

*teaches mom to use the camera professionally*

Until the next post!

S.S., signing out!

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