SOTD: The Truth by Foster the People

As you know, just recently this year, Foster the People just dropped their 2nd album, Supermodel, that still surprisingly with their featured song “Coming of Age” is  part of the top 3 songs of some major alternative radios here in the Philippines. First, I wasn’t really eager to listen to the whole album just yet. I culminated over their featured single and after 2 weeks, I decided to buy the physical album.


(Source: Rolling Stone Website)

After giving the CD several spins, I had to say I was never disappointed. Their consistent style and vibrance in every song complimented each other. Their usual heavy on synth songs, indie branding and lovely vocals was always a win. It’s an album you can listen to in sequence like they have the perfect transitions in between each track.

My favorites from the album are Coming of Age, Best Friend and of course, today’s Song of the Day, The Truth. On the other hand, my least favorite tracks are A Beginners Guide to Destroying the Moon and Fire Escape. Anyways, please give a listen to the album for yourself. But I really doubt anyone of you people are unfamiliar with the band. But if you are, but not exactly with this release, give a listen to “The Truth”. This is one of my favorite versions from the Spotify Sessions.

If you listen close attention to the lyrics embed in this song, it has something meaningful to say. In any interpretation, it may be about the past self, romantic/non-romantic love or real life questions.

I really hope you guys can enjoy and reflect on this beautiful song!

My favorite line is: “The Truth stand in the end while you’re deciding what to do.”

Till the next post!

S.S., signing out.

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