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I might actually know what’s on your mind right now when you saw the picture above: YOU’RE KIDDING ME, RIGHT? No, I’m not. Despite the 30 degree Celsius temperature, I managed to wear a thin cardigan because I’ve been mad sick and half-mute. Yes, I need the AC turned on because attempts on low-setting electric fans at 12 nn are one of the things I cannot withstand anymore. Sudden rains and intense humid weather overlap each other, ugh!

Nevertheless, I had been fiddling with my hair more often, coming up with ways to fix my hair in a braidy bunch. Plus, I’ve been researching on possible products to be part of the moonlit makeup feature I will hopefully post + in search of nail colors for my inverted french tip feature as well. Though I’m on a rest mode on my “mural” which I haven’t posted, still, I’m now pre-occupied with my “manga-mangahan” series. I’ve been experimenting on comic making since I’ve gotten so inspired with detailed illustrations + short stories I’ve been doing. Plus, a friend requested it… and also practice calls because of another Western comic request from my brother.


Here’s an overview of my “progress”.

I know it’s raw and imperfect, but I guess it’s okay for a first-timer. I’m on the nth page already and I’m so excited to share the story to you people. I’m sticking to the one -page-per-day goal which I’ve been doing satisfactorily. Mangakas, hardcore illustrators and even unconventional artists have been flooding my feed and I have to thank them. (Note: I won my recent book haul over eBay after several auctions from different members,yes, I won! Will probably be in a state of desperation before the mail comes.)

That’s it for now.

Please do hope I get off my bamboozled sentiments over some simple yet existential questions. Also, sentiments over my future everything for college. (I still think I ain’t fit to be a young adult at this point of my life.) I do hope to get off from yours too, if you do have.


In the meantime, please rethink your life choices while staring at my cat.

Till the next post!

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