Paradise Paradise: Boracay Strolling Ver. 2


Even though Boracay has been one of the most overrated tourist destinations around the world, no doubt you’ll still go back for the so-called “Summer Island Routine” even after your x visits. It’s white sand, shallow waters and intense nightlife just lures you to have a vacation to the place every now and then. Whether your budget is exact or sky’s the limit, everyone is sure to have a grand time in their own way.

This time, our trip was “Sponsored” for a birthday celebration for one of our close family friends. So far, this is one of my best visits on the island, yes, its even my 5th visit to the place . Of course, I have to mention one of my friends’ awesome company that made this 3-day trip totally worthwhile, Via!

Basically, let me share with you my little travel diary, overrated destination,whole new experience!


First picture taken with my legitimate camera in the Island! (YES, this is a wonderful start for my blog)


The strolling crowd heading to the beautiful view in Station, starring the Boracay Groto.

DSC_0180The birthday celebrant, Tito Willy, together with his daughter Wisia. The “sponsor” for the 3-day trip!


We were happily welcomed by the Willy’s Resort staff together with the perfect mango puree shakes (We had to slurp it down because it was so good) and shell necklaces.


Luxurious beachfront room occupied by the celebrant’s family.


Open bar and restaurant and their shakes are superb too! ( I prefer them over Jonah’s Fruit Shake, sorry!)


Speaking of shakes…


We beat the heat with Mango Crepes and this beautiful Banana Split.


Meet Via Man. One of my friends that coincidentally had the same dates for vacation on the same island.Has a very intense thing for EXO, draws exceptionally and is a beauty and makeup guru. Though we don’t coincide very much about the EXO part (Let’s see…), we’re both into the arts and intensified love for Asian beauty products. This girl just laughs at my jokes like legit…


Some blooms on the way to our room…


Day 2 was a rather rainy morning and not to mention a bad one for me.

I went to boating with the group and ended up getting seasick. One of the worse seasickness experiences in my whole life. I had nothing for breakfast to ensure myself to not puke, but hell I was wrong. I ended up puking my phlegm and acidic stomach fluid which burnt or traumatized my throat. Thus, I CANNOT SPEAK.

Therefore, I came to a conclusion: PLEASE EAT BEFORE YOU PUKE, THANK YOU. Plus, do not insist on getting a boat for island hopping on a bad weather, you’ll regret the circumstances when you get to the extra wavy parts of the trip.

My Ate Lolit actually volunteered to document my series of puke. But I unfortunately refused.


I could have shared it with you guys.


To comfort myself, I got myself tattoed, of course its Henna! (I still can’t believe 2 friends thought I got a real one…) I got myself a compass with the birds on my leg (pictured above), Japanese characters “S o l a n i n” on my neck (It’s my favorite AKFG song) and an AM cover album on my arm.


My only decent OOTD. Dad insisted on the pose there ^^


||Hat: ALDO | Top: Plains and Prints | Shorts: Hip Culture | Accessories: FOSSIL Watch and PANDORA bracelet||


The jolly locals of a henna tattoo and braid stall near JONAH’s Fruit Shake.

I really loved my conversation with these lovely ladies, sharing awkward and weird stories about the island. Obscene gay couples, tips on how to bargain (and be money smart on the official standard island activities and commodities price list), crazy to-dos for any tourist and even about handheld phones. In return for their friendliness, I had an instax picture with them, posted on their album of visitors. So if ever you walk by Station 1, Jonah’s fruit shake, don’t forget to say hi to these lovely people (and spot my picture too)!


Bar for the oldies, and just buffet for us. But still, everything is kid friendly, even at night! Buffet prices actually start at 250 pesos and up. You get different viands, appetizers, desserts and fresh seafood! And don’t hesitate to look around the buffet table first before placing or confirming your order, just approach a staff.


Busy side(sand)walks.


This is my ugly morning face. Taken by dad. On the other hand, you can tell the internet connection is good, right?


Day 3 was by far the best day ever! First, we got to bathe during the perfect weather. Second, We got to meet Kpop rookie group, SCARLET! Third, we got delayed. Fourth, we got free tickets to our destination of choice because of the cancellation/redirection of flights (WE FIND WAYS)!

Here’s another tip by the way: If you don’t have sunblock, use SAND. Smother wet or damp sand and let it dry while your sunbathing or playing by the shore. I do this every trip to the beach! This is a foolproof tip for the tropical sun! Via and I never got sunburns! Enjoy the small white crabs and fishes while you’re at it!


 3 out of 5 of Kpop group SCARLET!

Here’s the story: We were eating our early snacks at the open resto of our resort and suddenly SARA, one of the members just suddenly danced along to the music playing brought by their directing staff. We were surprised and alarmed because Via and I know that a Kpop Princess is on the loose (our fangirling intuition, YES? Yes.) The most adorable thing was that she was dancing along with the locals! Unfortunately, we lost them while getting our cameras for a picture…but LUCKILY, a Tado (God bless your soul)  look-a-like helped us out when I asked him for a favor to tell us where the dancing Korean girls were (Do you realize the perks of being a local? xD ) We, the so-called stalkers, asked for a picture, shy, the girls greeted us and insisted they take a picture with them!


Other fanboys taking picks with the girl group! They are just so adorable!

If you are wondering what the girl group SCARLET just released, here’s their first single, DO BETTER:

This was really a fun experience despite my lost voice and acidic barf, but really, just soaking my feet unto white sand while wading really makes my heart flutter. Bargains at d*mall, Kpop watching, pigging out, making fail sand art (I actually tried to make a sand art for you guys but I just failed!), tripping with cameras and just repeating the mantra of “Summer Island Routine”: Eat-Have Fun-Soak in the Sun-Repeat is probably the way to go!

Last thing! Do not forget the beautiful starry night at Station 1!

So… what location should I aim for my free ticket? Probably Busuanga… or Bicol…but let that be a surprise.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having their own versions of the “Summer Island Routine”!

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