Pier Uno: Waves in Motion


We took a 2 and half hour drive to  Batangas for dad’s business trip. Yes, we (mom and kuya) were with him. We stayed overnight at Pier Uno, a resort located at Barangay Solo, Mabini, at the bottom of a serene mountain. To my surprise, I wasn’t disappointed. Villas and crossbreed shabby chic x summer colors welcomed us. An example would be this beautiful terrace facing the beach.

FYI, I apologize for the poor quality of the images from my recent post, and finally (YAY) I got a hold of a decent camera for blogging and for other use.  Hopefully, I myself would not suffer from heavily edited photos. The one I recently got was used for this post, so if you have comments or suggestions, comment down below!


A punchy shade of  orange.
Textures up close.

“Accidentally” shot this photo of mom and I love it. Not bad for a stolen, eh? I love how she grows old with grace. I’d be happy to look like her at my 50’s.

Another stolen of mom plus dad. They were exchanging jokes at this time, while waiting for other people. Sometimes, looking at them take selfies, makes me laugh bigtime.
Bored brother. I might say he’s not one for the road (and hates the sun too), but I love having him along because I can bug someone.
Up front is a beach, not really suitable for wading, but for diving and water sports purposes. The boat pictured was the one we took for our island hopping on the day of our arrival.
Tito Paul’s son, Shoti, was with his cousin, Shaun, early at the beach for some water prepping before island hopping proper. They even caught some fish and sea urchins! (Too bad, I wasn’t able to take pictures)
A struggle with heeled slippers. NO. Don’t even attempt to go wading on a rocky beachfront because you’ll just curse yourself for doing so. A wavy, rocky sea floor is a no go for fancy feet. I had to quickly change in my flat slippers because, yes, rocks…

This is mayor, together with one of the sons of my dad’s meeting mates ready for diving.
A lively colored on-shore picture of the resort.
These are one of the natural rock formations that can be spotted near the shore. I, together with my new friend, Pam, was able to Kayak all the way to the rock formations, which was a “test-to -the-muscle” challenge.  Luckily, we had no sunburns and I just got a mild tan (I’m reserving my skin for some unintentional hardcore tanning for Boracay).

 Here’s a stolen picture of Pam Merrick. We had some interesting conversations about pop culture, how it drastically influences youth today, musical preferences, band conflicts, mild editing and even our future university (that we had in common) would have its festivities soon.

She’s quite an acquaintance, an open book and a fun company. She even asked me if I was interested in joining her band as a vocalist. She animates too!


DSC_0105[1]Here’s a picture of Tito Paul, a friend of dad who told stories of weird incidents about falsely commercialized products, from hardware, to the cough syrup and light switches. Oh, and I nearly forgot the parent talk that the adults had. They were hilarious about the child-bearing part.

DSC_0108[1]Waves on action.

This weird-eyed dog kept nudging my legs when I ate, and even after I ate. On the day of our arrival, I’ve seen him/her run and swim at the beach with some locals that made me smile that day. About the weird eyes, if you stare a little closer at the picture, you’d see his/her very thin eyelids and quite exposed eyeballs. This was also true for his/her other eye. I was just rather curious what the little fella has gone through.

A picture taken by dad on the way to the local market they were about to visit.

Another picture by dad. A lot of locals were on the look for some small fishing boats that were to arrive any moment.

Mayor drinking some water. Believe me, it was a prickly heat they have here, well, generally in the Philippines. As seen in the pic, Barangay Solo also had convenient tricycles around for convenience because of long walks (not suitable after market shopping).


Sold out.

 A picture of a local seller of rubber slippers with mayor.

To wrap this post up, I would like to say that these would be one of the most perfect places to spot a diving site or go island hopping, and the great thing about the place is that it has ample utilities, great friendly locals, fresh seafood and cheap water sport activities. It’s not as polluted and people dense as Boracay, (not to mention far), so if you’d like to take a quick break from city hassle, it would gladly be part of my list to go for recommendations.

I’m quite ready to get a beautiful summer tan and try out a beautiful moonlit makeup, which I can hopefully make a post of.

Hope you can people stay with me in my awfully random road trips to nowhere!