Artistic Farts

Hello Heaven

 “Hello Heaven”, Pen and pencil on paper.

I’ve been up to some detail practice because first, I am impatient with details and second, I have been converting my artistic drought to good vibes and hopefully more experimentation. I am just happy that I was actually able to redeem myself from severe drought last summer from all stress and academic activities and the fact that I lost my sketchbook in the process.

Still glad that happened because I compared my supposed replacement to book 4 to my real book 4 and I noticed my drawings and sketches back then were darker and “depressing” as I would label it. And I’m happy I got off that “stuck-in-a-rut” moment. If you’ve read/seen my “The World at Large?” post from 2013, you probably have an idea of what I was talking about.

[And oh, let’s be friends on deviantart!  (DA: RomanticOtaku17)]

Plus, I am officially back to my “Floral” phase wherein appearance of flowers or anything botanical is inevitably appearing in ever artwork that I do. I guess I was just passionately influenced by James Jean, Audrey Kawasaki and Osatosh lately…

Also,  few days ago, during Pat’s birthday, I finally got my Koi Water Brush by Sakura. It was bought from National Bookstore, Glorietta 1 branch for P180 pesos.


I’ve been looking for water brushes for years now because they always run out of stocks especially in other National Bookstore branches and my all-time favorite art store, Deovir.

Yesterday from our family outing in Laguna, while on-the-road, I was able to finish (finally) the background for one of my overdue portraits using the travelling perks of the water brush! Just squeeze the tube and dip the brush unto watercolor pans and paint!


“Internal Rust”, Watercolor, pencil and pen on paper.

First page baptismal! Finally had the courage to fill in a new, larger Moleskine watercolor pad. I had so much fun that usually since its twice larger than my usual canvas. More space for experimentation!

Hello Heaven11

“Goya no Machiawase” (1/2), pen on paper.

Legitimate anime/manga fan art after x years! I remember my anime/manga-obsessions back from my late grade school and early high school days…

Here’s a cover I made out of boredom recently…

I’m so ready to get my feet tired from trips!

(yes, I cannot contain my excitement)