Faves of the Month: Revlon Parfumerie and Colorburst

Hello readers!

Before April starts, I’d like to feature some of my favorite picks that I am excited to share with everyone, especially to those who are eager to try out new products, like I am! So for this month, my feature will be on one of my favorite brands, REVLON, for their Colorburst Lip Color line, that eventually came in new colors and in Matte.


If you can remember from my last post, last summer, entitled April Picks!, I’ve featured Revlon as well in their very first release on the Colorburst line in the Philippines, and I had several readers sending me messages on where to buy them because they liked the color alone and as applied. And till now, based on my personal experience, they are perfect companions to other brands that I use like Benefit, Urban Decay, YSL, MAC and Covergirl.

The color “Nude Attitude” (P575/each) are one of the colors featured on one of the magazines I have encountered in one of my salon visits. Enticed, I decided to buy it. Application went very well, given the fact that you have prepped your lips for at least an hour with your trust lip balm to remove skin flakes. Matte, with a mid-translucent to opaque transparency is one of its characteristics that I like. My favorite combination is the lipcolor + Benefit Posie Tint/Benetint on the inner liplines that give the nude colors a defining natural flush.


It’s practically a “barely-there” matte balm, but in personal, the gloss of the Benefit Benetint actually gives off a pink blush (not much evident in the picture)

Another REVLON product I’d like to share with you readers is the new line of summer colored pastels and flattering darks is Parfumerie(P325 /bottle), that not only offers different swatches of color, but as well its witty names for each and the scent that will compliment the name and color itself.


I just love China Flowers (as pictured) and Wintermint!

2 good things I love about it: It doesn’t chip under my crafty and artsy activities, to the most nail breaking acts (chipping off tags from craft items + removing acrylic and watercolor sticking to nails) and has a smooth and thick application even on the 1st one. (A little secret: It smells so nice that I smother it on some of my artworks, yes, I am a weirdo)

These goodies are available at any Robinsons and SM department store branches.


Trolling with hair accessories from travels last summer.

Now for a constant hunt for good stuff…

S.S., signing out.

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