Summer Starts Here

It’s officially SUMMER!

I’ve been dreading (for the past few months) for these official days to come! After the extreme senioritis that has been consuming me especially on my finals week, I already had these spare days in between before summer officially start. To get me started, I actually had several plans on the palm of my hands, well actually written on paper. On my Moleskine slash “EVERYTHING” notebook, I evenly stretched out the things I wanted to try and to accomplish. After all, I have exactly 110 days before my school resumes (and this time, its college!).


Some of the highlights on the list is to BELT OUT, and I mean get back on track with my singing lessons because I terribly miss it. I also have the “hair dye in a beautiful swatch of lilac or lavander” ASAP. Making an overdue mural is one of my goals as well! There are A LOT of things to be checked and to be written on this handy dandy notebook and I’m quite pumped up for it.

Some of the beautiful things I wanted to share with you guys that I’ve been up to for the past few days/weeks,

After 2 weeks of waiting, I was able to get a hold of a Hi-Fructose Magazine fresh from San Francisco, CA. Hi-Fructose is a contemporary art magazine by 2 artists named Attaboy and Annie Owens that serve up features on my favorites like James Jean, Audrey Kawasaki, Mark Ryden, Gary Baseman and also new found favorites Haroshi and Tiffany Bozic and many more. I got to know about this magazine through profile hopping on Instagram and decided to get their new release because I just fell in love with the cover by James Jean.

An oriental take on flowers and women.

Who wouldn’t think that the combination is divine!?


Some magazine scans of Nguyen and Baseman…



My recent Harajuku style/ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu inspired makeup


I’ve been listening to Kyary since 2013 (via TND) , and if you haven’t heard of her songs and especially seen her videos, you should check her out, she’s adorable.

(WARNING: Psychedelic, sick colors and whatnot)


Created physical copies of mixtapes as graduation gifts because I’m (jokingly) cool like that.


My mood board inspiration for this coming month:


Some art books/coffee table books on my wishlist:


From left to right: Incurable Disorder by Artist Elizabeth McGrath,  (Last Gasp) IT by Alexa Chung (Net) and The Strange Tale of Panorama Island story by Edogawa Rampo and illustrations by Suehiro Maruo (Last Gasp)


Incurable Disorder basically features the different detailed works of McGrath that include mystical and magical creatures with historical narratives and cultural references  that has been acclaimed to be favorites of co-artists such as Mark Ryden. IT is a collection of Chung’s writings, drawings and photos on her life on fashion, childhood music and etc., a diary meets scrapbook affair. The Strange Tale of Panorama Island features a 1920’s setting in Japan, with an unusual slice of life intertwined with the mysterious island/playground for the character’s hedonistic excess. Master Manga artist Suehiro Maruo, a frequent contributor to the legendary cult magazine, Garo, with other works brings Rampo’s mystery fiction to life.

I’m on hunt for the 3 books above and I’d like to share them with you people just in case you needed new things to read on that might be interesting for you.

For now, the best caption would be…”SAKIT SA WALLET”

Some beautiful details that came in last night


and one of the anime  and manga series I just finished (?)

Noragami must really have a 2nd season.


Of course with those 110 days, I will gradually build up my usual summer comeback in blogging!

I’d be more than willing and glad to share my future experiences with you people. So far, my activity list is constantly filling up so please do check this site every now and then. If you suggest anything to be done or to be added on my checklist, just hit me up down on the comment box.

S.S., signing out.

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