Hello 2014!


2013 ended on some sour and sweet notes and today, I’m writing this blog post to commemorate the past year. 

2013 has taught me quite a lot, made me experience the highs and the lows, more of a bittersweet combination of almost everything. I’m sure that it was and will always be one of my peak years in rediscovering myself. I drew more, experimented more and was more relaxed than I should be (Is that bad?). I guess I was able to foster my friendships better this year, got more passionate about my dream journal and poetry, experienced being in a competition, got my illustrations published on our high school paper, was able to maintain my grades (except math lol), under all circumstances, for the nth time, enjoyed stress (busy-busihan, haha). It gave me a gist of college somehow and I finally, I learned to let go of some things and hold on to some. 

As for what to get in college, I’m still unenlightened whether to pursue arts or not. I am hopeful after all the results of the universities will I actually come to peace with what I really want. I’m quite excited for the things to come because it means more challenges that I will learn from. As for my social links (ha), I have been supported by my 4 guardian angels that never failed me. I hold my friends so dear because they helped me a lot through the hardest times (make that everyday). From the most shallow to the deepest conversations, inch by inch they knew me like they read my mind. I made new unexpected friends along the way as well. 

Most importantly, I have well accepted the truth of REJECTION this year, from most that I’ve done this year. I mean, failures , so on and so forth that after few years, I was actually mature enough to understand not everyday will be fairweather for me. That scared Clarisse back from 2nd year is now growing to accept that truth and I’m quite happy. I have faced my other self (sorry, because the only decent reference to go with is Persona 4, forgive)

I cried a lot over superficial thoughts, played games like there was no tomorrow, laughed before I finished my joke, painted until 4 am, ate and spent time with the ones I love, dreamed of out-of-this-world ideas and scenarios, made my own problems, slept with a book on my face, struggled with details, stalked for some friends (STALK 4 FRIENDS, wutt) and hugged my them excessively. 

Finally, I’m so (not) ready for college!

I want to make more memories, good or bad, insignificant or significant with these lovely people I hold so dear or people I haven’t met yet. 2014 will be another year for growing and learning!

I could not have done it without my family, annoying friends, my passions and of course, God.

Motto of the year: “If the door is closed, drill a hole on the wall, make one and open your own!”

I hope everybody is having a great start on their 2014.

S.S., signing out.