Dreams: An unexplained succession of images

I suppose everyone experienced the bliss or fear of being stuck in a place, well if you should say, in you mind. There, asleep,with your subconscious self, anything could happen. A dream might be one of the greatest climax in ones life, though may be unrealistic and unfathomable, still, its probably cringe worthy to be kept to oneself or too socially stimulative when put out in the open. Personally, I had the weirdest dreams of like making out with the same gender (insert fashionably cheesy and passionate passages) or running into one of band members of The Strokes (supposedly) while on a concert on our school grounds which is unlikely…well, let us put that into the impossible list, shall we?

Like the most would say in general, these web of thoughts that make up our dreams are the outlets of its repetitive loop in our head that most of the time, means nothing. Well on the contrary,  it might also likely be the reflection of oneself whether it may be intentions, dislikes, phobias, addictions and random access[ed] memories (Obvious Daft Punk reference, I tried.) And for the past few years, though it hasn’t been great concern to the modern age, in some ways, it could still be a concern of some. A concern that most of the time that is kept to themselves, and treated under the circumstances of superstition and embarrassment. But the Anishnaabeg, people back in history, believed that they could do something. They are the supposedly first lucid dreamers ( one who can control ones dream) even before one does dream, created and believed in a certain charm that would entangle the obstacles that may enter the occurrence of our imagination.

As discussed by Waya Gola and Cary Miller, age old charms called “Dream Catchers” were designed to be hung on a cradle board, inside the bedroom or on the top of a bed where the light could touch it. Its web will never cease to attract a variety of dreams whether they are nightmares, good ones or nonsense. The bad dreams that are none of importance are believed to not know the way through the web and get caught in their way. On the other hand, good dreams and bad dreams that still have significance to the dreamer pass through the middle part of the web and slide through the beads and feather that hung below it send it to the dreamer. (dream-catchers.org, 2010.) I personally had these fetish for those kind of thingamabobs. I would spot them at a small stall at Enchanted Kingdom (an amusement park in the Philippines) and sometimes in other like Catholic souvenir shops which is absurd. I always hung them during my sleep and lost them in the process of cleaning my room. I was too young before then to fully understand the whole thought and history behind it anyway. I don’t really remember if they worked…

Another concern about dreams is that one usually forgets the memory of dreaming in the moment of waking up. While doing my unintended research, there is this one tip I tripped on from Icantremember.com or some teen magazine that it would be best to tell yourself “I want to remember my dream.” several times before going to sleep. Afterwards, trying to stay still when real life consciousness finds you, at the same time recalling and focusing on what happened.

In my past experimentation with this method, out of my 10 dreams, I was only able to remember 3 dreams (one each day from the last night of dreaming), again, by apply the method mentioned. The other 7 dreams (or some fragments of it) mostly occurred when I was constantly doing other things or when my body and intellect was put to greater practice (e.g., going to school and learning new lessons, studying, speaking during conversations, any activities that may lead to greater brain wave activity, etc.) and sometimes I’d just stop in between those daily takes and take some time for my amusement to be satisfied. Sometimes, those daily takes would seem familiar to my “past experiences” and I’d say, “Wait, stop…déjà vu…”. Ah, and one of my friends would most of the time say, “Ala, brain damage na yan.” followed by hysterical laughter.

So after few attempts of remembering (of course I struggled) and keeping an account of those dreams inside my head, I decided to get it on paper for future and reliable reference that might hold the details that I would probably dissolve in my memory in few weeks or months time. I got a cheap black imitation of Moleskine for my eyes only, that I named a “Dream Journal” And it was a success [in the moment], I was amassing a great number of memorable dreams, my own world that is physically non-existent, something that I can only visit. It was beautiful.
One of my journal entries from 2012, I’d like to share:

Sept. 14, 2012; 10:12 pm
….I was walking inside a library I haven’t entered in years, the LRC. It’s hard to tell how I teleported to that small deserted playhouse that I had good memories with. I saw *name omitted* writing several words, sentences and even odd symbols and distorted illustrations that seemed drawn with crayons and pencil, When I attempted to escape the place, a corridor formed. I seemed small, stuck in a worms eye-view. I knew this person so well [I think]. She continued to walk towards an illuminating door at the end. I refuse to believe that this door was the exit of the place and walked slowly towards the wall and tried to read the inscriptions on it which  was all blurred. Traces of writing lead to another when I realized they were actually some on the ceilings, the other walls and finally stared on the ground and saw some on the floor. Afterwards, everything went collapsing. Books on the shelves were pushed out and everything went falling. Finally, I woke up, but with cold sweat…

And that, after a few months, actually a year or so, there was this manifestation of the dream where I actually got to visit the actual place in real life and some of the fragments became real or seemed familiar.

When I entered, I knew it happened long ago.

Sometimes, its like a board with everything on it, when I tried to erase, it did the opposite thing (added things on the board rather than removing it). A glitch, maybe?

Well of course, there would be instances that we would be able to control the situation in our own dreams, sometimes not. That moment when you wake up and feel like your heart has been cheated or fooled is obviously disappointing, knowing that YOU WERE THERE, YOU WERE SO CLOSE. But one thing is for sure, we could write them down and gaze back at them and be amused how our brains work and how it reflects our personality, life struggles and even premonitions that could lead to something.

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