Hi, I’m discreetly dying…

I cannot even synthesize how absurd I was for the past few weeks. Truly, my words did not justify my actions. But on the other hand, I would like to say that the month of September became and is an enormous chunk of the 2nd Quarter. Well, considering of course that it is ending too soon. 

Of course I had to intake our usual academics, take the ACET and the USTET, join a surprisingly challenging competition called Press Conference held at Arellano High School, fangirl , play games on the side and of course the worst-best part is losing my Moleskine pad that I considered a part of me. And I would like to draw more focus on my artistic development (well not really merits) because after quite some time of having an art block, I can feel that I am slowing getting a gist of my creative process. Though I been drawing naked bodies (basically for anatomical practice purposes) and my usual girls, I’m getting back on it, I guess.  

And some of my classmates insist malice on my drawings. No. Just no.

Lastly, don’t forget The World God Only Knows Season 3.

Pure awesomeness.


Hopefully will blog for real after periodicals with stuff I have yet to share!

S.S signing out.